In Deep Water

Haruka is awaiting the return of his lover who hasn't contacted him in two years. Being eighteen now and in his last year of highschool, Haruka is brought to a rude awakening when Makoto puts the moves on him. Will he win Haruka over? Will his red-haired lover ever return? Haruka feels as if he is in very deep water as the story progresses.
This is a Gay fanfiction. Just a warning. Don't read if you dont like.
(I do not own any of the characters. This was simply a gift fanfiction for someone else~)


4. Chapter 4


Warning: Male kissus ahead









          Makoto stood, filled with too much energy to let it all pour out at once. He took a step towards Haruka, his blue eyes meeting his own as he moved closer. He reached out grabbing Haru's arm and jerked them against each other. Makoto smiled brightly down at him. "Really?!" 

          "Please, calm down or I will change my mind..!" Haru said stubbornly. 

          "Oh no,  you cant change your mind now. How do you expect me to calm down?" Makoto wrapped his arms around Haru, picking him up over his shoulder. 

          "Makoto-san! Please put me down..." Haru didn't fight back but he was severely uncomfortable up off of the ground. He held tight onto Makoto's neck. 

          Makoto grinned at how tight Haruka was holding onto him as he carried him over to the sofa. "I think you owe me some serious loving for making me wait so long." 

          "Oh, is that so..?" Haru mumbled uncomfortably. 

          "Im just joking, crazy." Makoto sat down and placed Haru into his lap. 

          "Makoto... Your going overboard.." Haruka said trying to crawl out of his lap avoiding eye contact. 

          "No... please stay here..." Makoto said. Haruka sensed the sadness in his voice and he looked up. Makoto's teary eyes made his heart jolt with pain. His brows furrowed before Makoto jerked Haru down into a hug against him. Haruka slid his arms up to hug Makoto's neck. He could feel the wetness of his tears against his arm. He pulled back and took Makoto's face into his hands, studying his eyes. He watched a glistening tear slip from his eyes and over his cheek before it ran onto his thumb. 

          Makoto looked back at Haru, wondering what he was thinking. He had been staring at Makoto with wide blue eyes for a good while now. He leaned down a bit and pressed his lips against Makoto's forehead. Makoto closed his eyes, the kiss soothing him completely. He grabbed hold of Haru's hands on his face and pulled them down to his chest. Haru lifted his head, seeing Makoto's now closed eyes and decided to surprise him. He leaned down, tilting his head to the right slightly. His heart fluttered as he got closer and closer and finally their lips connected. Haru's eyes closed as Makoto's hands slid up his back, embracing him. Makoto's lips were salty but so soft, and Haru couldn't help but sink into him as they shared a heated kiss. He clutched Makoto's shirt, his palms starting to sweat nervously. Haru could barely hold himself up as Makoto's tongue pressed against his lips, his head spun in circles and he gasped. He pulled away and leaned against Makoto shyly.

          "I'm sorry..." Haru said softly against his shoulder. Makoto laid him out along the couch and sat beside him. He leaned over Haru, smiling.

          "You didn't do anything wrong." Makoto laughed at Haru's red face. He hid his face under his hands. Makoto laid down on Haru and kicked his feet up on the couch. Their breathing was in sync, and Haru seemed to have relaxed. Makoto's head rested on his chest, and Haru had moved his hand up to Makoto's hair. It wasn't long until they had both fallen asleep. 


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