In Deep Water

Haruka is awaiting the return of his lover who hasn't contacted him in two years. Being eighteen now and in his last year of highschool, Haruka is brought to a rude awakening when Makoto puts the moves on him. Will he win Haruka over? Will his red-haired lover ever return? Haruka feels as if he is in very deep water as the story progresses.
This is a Gay fanfiction. Just a warning. Don't read if you dont like.
(I do not own any of the characters. This was simply a gift fanfiction for someone else~)


3. Chapter 3

          "Haru!!!" Nagisa shouted and pulled Haruka to the large indoor pool at the community gym. "Look at the water!" He grinned up at the taller boy. It was after school a few days later and the community gym decided to support the swim team and let them practice a couple days out of the week during the cold months. 

          "I cant believe we have it for the whole afternoon. And all winter! What a wonderful surprise Matsuoka!" Makoto praised and turned back to everyone. Matsuoka squeaked in return, her eyes fixated on the boys getting their guns out for the water. "Haru, isn't this..." Makoto noticed that Haruka was no longer there but he was stripping by the pool. He smiled laughing softly as were the others.

          Haruka dove in perfectly. The water caressed every chiseled muscle of his body as if they were made to glide against each other. It had been a while and Haruka felt so rejuvenated. He let himself sink to the bottom and swam backwards across the floor of the pool, feeling the slick cool surface with his fingertips. He floated back up and emerged from the pool, laying across the top of the water effortlessly.

          "How does the water feel, Haru-chan?" Nagisa yelled across. Haru didn't say anything he just floated, and they all took that as a sign that the water was just fine. 

          Later that evening as the sun was setting, Haruka and Makoto split paths with the other two and walked towards their own homes. It was quiet and awkward at first. Haru knew Makoto had something to say, but he wouldn't say it in front of anyone else.  And finally it came out. 

          "Have you been thinking about me?" He said softly. Haru was caught off guard by this question and he quickly looked down as his face brightened. 

          "What do you mean Makoto..?" He said, playing dumb. 

          "Haruka, you know what I mean. I know you have anyways. I don't even need to ask." 

          Makoto was right. Even though Haruka would never admit it, he had been thinking more about Makoto recently than he had anyone else. His stomach knotted up guiltily at this realization and he unknowingly started walking a little bit slower as he watched the sun sink into the water of the ocean. Makoto was always there for him a Haruka was starting to see that. He was just a bit stubborn. He wanted someone to hold him at night, someone to share his time with. Someone who wouldn't disappear...

          He was spun around, Makoto grabbing his hand softly. His brown hair accented by the orange glow of the sun and his eyes narrowed. A small sheepish smile appeared as the taller boy lifted Haruka's face to his. Haruka's eyes widened at the sight of him, realizing in this moment how stupid he was for refusing Makoto for so long. . His eyes filled with this new attraction for the person in front of him, and his mouth slightly gaped open in shock from Makoto's sudden actions. 

          "Do you think I can keep myself from kissing you when you look like that?" He said as he caressed his cheeks and pulled Haruka to his lips. His stomach churned but he couldn't pull away. The kiss filled him with all kinds of emotions. Makoto broke away, his eyes intense and set on Haru. "Are you ready for me..?" Haruka felt sudden pressure as if someone was watching them, he started walking quickly to his house, knowing Makoto would follow close behind.

          Makoto saying things like that... 

         You know just how to make me fall. 

          They arrived at Harukas house and he let Makoto inside. Makoto set his things down, still having a few hours before he needed to be home. They stood in silence at the door way for a moment before Haru built up the courage to speak about the sensitive subject. 

          "Makoto, I have been thinking... I will give you a chance."  

          Makoto just stared at his lips, hoping the words were not part of some tormenting dream.


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