In Deep Water

Haruka is awaiting the return of his lover who hasn't contacted him in two years. Being eighteen now and in his last year of highschool, Haruka is brought to a rude awakening when Makoto puts the moves on him. Will he win Haruka over? Will his red-haired lover ever return? Haruka feels as if he is in very deep water as the story progresses.
This is a Gay fanfiction. Just a warning. Don't read if you dont like.
(I do not own any of the characters. This was simply a gift fanfiction for someone else~)


2. Chapter 2

          Haruka forced himself to get dressed, the feeling of depression drowning him as memories rushed through his head. He had only put on a t-shirt and his boxers before climbing into bed. He didn't feel like eating or doing anything besides trying to message Rin again. 

Haruka Nanase:

Rin? You haven't

answered anyone in so long...

Are you even alive?

          Haruka held the phone close to his chest, waiting. His mind drifted back to Makoto. Why would he do something like that? He thought. He knows... He is the only one who knows. I don't understand, it was too sudden. Haruka could feel a soft blush on his face remembering the feeling of Makoto's lips against his own, but then clenched his teeth, knowing that he had betrayed the one he truly loved by letting it happen. His phone buzzed suddenly, alerting him that he had received a message. His heart jumped happily before he read it. 

Auto Reply Service:

This number has been disconnected or

is no longer in service.

We apologize for any inconveniences. 

          Haruka sighed and sat his phone on the ground beside the bed. He slowly drifted off to a restless slumber, even the sound of the rain couldn't sooth his confusion and it quickly turned into some kind of nightmare.


          "Haruka." Rin's voice was sharp, making Haruka turn quickly to see him sitting in the sand where the waves were caressing his feet, then pulling back out into the ocean. "Your late... What were you doing with Makoto?" He said, Haruka quickly shook his head.

          "I wasn't doing anything..." Haruka furrowed his brow in confusion, walking quickly towards Rin, stripping his shirt and pants so he could get into the water. 

          "Your wearing his green swimsuit... And you wouldn't answer your cell phone..." Rin growled, his expression full of jealousy and anger. Haruka looked down at the swimsuit of Makoto's and was nearly startled.

          "Rin, you know I don't carry my phone around with me, and I honestly have no idea how this got on me." Haruka argued. "I promised you... Didn't I?" Haruka stopped next to Rin, standing above him where the water overlapped his feet. The water was a bit chilly but not too chilly to swim. Never to chilly to swim. 

          "Get away, liar. I'm through with your lies." Rin said furiously as he got up and walked onto the beach quickly. Haruka was extremely confused. But instead of defending himself, he chose the offensive route. 

          "What about you?!" Haruka shouted and Rin snapped his head to glare at him. "You never promised me back, and you never try to contact me..." 

          "That means I didn't owe you anything. Go die." Rin said as he stomped off, quickly followed by Haruka. 

          "You didn't owe me anything?!" Haruka wined pacing right behind the furious Rin. "Does that mean... Are you in another relationship?!"

          "Your quite the smart one, huh? Thats why I liked you." Rin looked over his shoulder to flash Haruka a treacherous grin, and Haruka stopped dead in his tracks letting the taller red-haired boy leave him behind. 

          "Liked..." Haruka repeated as his heart swelled up and seemed to clog his chest to where he couldn't breath. 




          It had gotten dark and Makoto eventually found some clothes to wear in the laundry room while his dried. He called his parents notifying them that he was staying the night with Haruka before stepping into Haruka's room seeing that he had fallen fast asleep. He noticed a slight racket on the floor and peeked over beside the edge of the bed seeing Haruka's phone was lit up. It looked like he was getting a call, but he didn't want to be nosy... Would it be more rude to leave it be though? It could be important... He thought to himself as he walked over and picked up the phone seeing a strange number across the screen. He had a bad feeling as he slowly answered the phone, walking out of the room. 

          "Hello, this is Makoto, Haruka is currently sleeping." The other side of the line was silent until there was a grunt of annoyance with a angry mumble of 'wrong number' and a click that notified Makoto that they had hung up. Makoto pulled the phone away and looked at it curiously. "Well... that was certainly strange." He mumbled, turning back to Haruka's room where Haruka tossed in his bed. Makoto crawled under the blankets with him slowly, careful not to wake him. To Makoto's surprise Haruka pressed close against him, a sad look on his face. Makoto wrapped his arms around the fragile boy and pressed their foreheads together. "I know your probably not dreaming of me, but this is good enough for now..."

          Haruka awoke later that night seeing Makoto's sleeping face next to his. He was haunted with the remembrance of his dream. Am I forgotten? He stirred a bit, rolling over softly, but still waking Makoto. Makoto had always been a light sleeper. He saw Haruka trying to get comfortable under his arm and he couldn't help but to smile and nuzzle his nose against the back of Haruka's neck, pulling his back against his chest. 

           "Maybe your right..." Haruka said, half asleep. 

           Makoto raised his brows surprised. "Just live for you. Not for anyone else. That's how you become free." Makoto said kissing below his hairline on the back of his neck. 

            "Maybe he is seeing someone else..." 

            "Then be in a relationship with me." Makoto said, wanting Haruka so badly to be his. Haruka said nothing. Which means he must have not been totally against it. Makoto smiled with one eyebrow raised doubtingly, expecting Haruka claim he was asleep if he asked about it again. He held him close for the night at least, Haruka eventually rolled over in his sleep and enjoyed the warmth of Makoto's body. Makoto got up the next morning to make them a delicious breakfast. He cut the sunny side up eggs in the shape of a fish and placed them on bread. Haruka woke soon after it was finished, the smell seemed to draw him from his slumber. 

           "Good morning!" Makoto greeted him kindly. 

           "Good morning." Haruka returned as he noticed the smell wasn't just his imagination. His mouth gaped open as he walked into the kitchen staring at the delicious looking food. Makoto set their prepared plates on the table and stepped towards Haruka, planting a kiss right on his unsuspecting mouth. 

           "I made you a delicious breakfast." He said as he parted their lips. 

           "Don't kiss me..." Haruka said upset and stubborn as he sat at the table. Makoto chuckled softly.

          "Alright, I can wait as long as you want." He said with a smile on his face. 

          "There's nothing to wait for, I'm already taken." Haruka said, followed by a bite of the toast. What could Makoto say, he expected this. But he was ready to keep trying, Haruka made it hard to not try. He passed by Haruka, ruffling his hair on his way to sit down. They both ate breakfast normally together. Makoto made it easy to talk normally with him after he had been so awkward. He was, of course, Haruka's best friend. So he couldn't just walk away. He loved Makoto. But not like he loved Rin

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