In Deep Water

Haruka is awaiting the return of his lover who hasn't contacted him in two years. Being eighteen now and in his last year of highschool, Haruka is brought to a rude awakening when Makoto puts the moves on him. Will he win Haruka over? Will his red-haired lover ever return? Haruka feels as if he is in very deep water as the story progresses.
This is a Gay fanfiction. Just a warning. Don't read if you dont like.
(I do not own any of the characters. This was simply a gift fanfiction for someone else~)


1. Chapter 1



           Drip...Drip...Drip. The water taunted him with its stable purity. He laid the book he had been reading on the table, walking over to the faucet and turning it all the way off, then continued to stretch. His black hair was still damp from the bath that he had to force himself from. He glanced at the time and noticed that Makoto was a bit late, so he decided to step outside and wait, not five minuets later Makoto was pacing up the steps. 

          "S-Sorry!" He apologized as he saw Haruka waiting on the front steps. "I had to make breakfast for the two little ones." He chuckled. Haruka just looked at him blankly and shook his head, dismissing his apology, then gave him a faint smile. Makoto patted his head softly, then rubbed his hand over his hair pleasingly. "It's good to see you smile, Haru." Haruka just looked away a bit embarrassed, his smile quickly vanishing. Water was flooding down the ditch beside the sidewalk, it had rained heavily the night before. The sound of running water made his skin crawl. He hadn't been able to swim in a while, it was too cold. His thoughts bounced around here and there as the walked to school. "I wonder how Rin is doing..." That was the last thing he needed to hear. Haruka could never get his mind off of Rin when he was brought up. Maybe because of... that day

          "I'm sure he is doing great." Haruka mumbled softly and looked down at his feet as they walked. Makoto glanced over at Haruka worrily. "Makoto... I don't understand it." Haruka said, Makoto knew exactly what he was talking about. He stopped and grabbed Haruka's hand turning his body to face him. Haruka's expression was shocked as he stared at Makoto. 

          "Haru!" Makoto whispered violently. "I cant stand seeing you this way..." His voice was pleading. "...I wish that I could do something." Makoto looked into Haruka's widened beautiful blue eyes which blinked a few times before they calmed and returned to the gentle gaze he usually wore. He turned his head from Matoko. He didn't quite understand what Makoto meant.

          "What's the point in swimming anymore?" Haruka mouthed as he jerked away and started walking towards the school again. Makoto frowned and sighed, standing there alone for a moment before furrowing his brows angrily.

          "I like swimming with you Haruka..." Makoto's words were filled with honesty and jealousy. "I love swimming with you." Haruka stopped as the words spilled from Makoto's mouth, and he caught up to Haruka and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I would never leave you here alone." He said softly with his usual heartwarming smile. Haruka's expression was sorrowful as he nodded. 

          "I'm sorry, I was a bit rude." Haruka apologized and raised his eyes to Makoto's which were understanding.

          "No, it was out of place for me to mention him to you in the first place." I guess I'm just jealous... Makoto thought to himself. "Anyways, we better get to school, come on!" Makoto's tone was back to normal and he started walking quickly, but slow enough where Haruka wouldn't fall behind.

           Haruka sighed as he sat in his first hour class. Nagisa kept bugging him about the upcoming Winter Festival, then he would turn back to Rei and they would both chat so rambunctiously about it. Haruka couldn't help but think it was kinda cute how they were so easily worked up and he turned to them studying their energetic behavior. It was nice to see... Like rain on a large body of water. If only. Haruka thought in his head followed by a chuckle. Haruka turned towards the window in the classroom to see the sun shining brightly. It wouldn't be long until it started snowing. 

          "Haru?" Nagisa's small voice pulled Haruka from deep within his thoughts. Nagisa was wearing the biggest grin. 

          "Hm?" Haruka blinked curiously. 

          "I wish Makoto could have heard that laugh of yours! We don't really get the delicacy of hearing it that much." Nagisa's cute voice matched his cute expression and Rei just smiled in the background. School went by quickly and Makoto walked Haruka home afterwards, talking about some kind of swimming event that was about to take place in the community gym. Haruka's eyes glimmered at the thought of the water against his skin as he swam freely. He looked up at Makoto with a hint of hope in his eyes and Makoto burst out laughing. It started raining right before they reached Haruka's house and they rushed inside. 

          "Shoot... Im going to get drenched on my walk home. Its so cold outside!"

          "I'll get you the umbrella you let me borrow." Haruka said calmly and he opened the closet beside the entrance to grab the umbrella before he suddenly remembered letting Nagisa borrow it one day because he had to go home early and it started raining. He stood still for a moment before sighing and turning to Makoto. "Na-"

          "Nagisa has it." Makoto finished his sentence. Haruka looked at him confused, like he had somehow known this was going to happen. He set his bag down on the ground and slowly stepped towards Haruka who backed up until he hit the wall behind him. He was trapped against the wall, Makoto's arms on each side of him. His heart raced and his confusion made him freeze up.



          Makoto towered over him, his lips slowly descending until they hit Haruka's. Their hair still dripped cold rain and a droplet ran across their fused lips and down Haruka's chin. Haru furrowed his eyebrows and he pushed Makoto off of him quickly.

          "W-What the hell?!" Haruka shouted defensively and staggered away from him. "Look... I don't know what that was about... But I was going to tell you, you could stay here until it stops raining." Haruka said turning away in a daze and pacing towards his room. Makoto caught his hand and pulled him back, wrapping his arm around his waist. "Makoto--!"

          "Haruka, I see how sad you are every day! I want to make you happy... I want to help you forget about him, like he has forgotten about you." Makoto pleaded.

          "You don't know that!!! He hasn't forgotten!!!" Haruka screamed back, his heart aching thinking about his red-haired 'secret boyfriend' that no one was supposed to know about. He pushed and pulled trying to get out of Makoto's strong arms, but Makoto was much stronger than him. Haruka couldn't help but to release the pain in his heart through big slow tears and he surrendered to Makoto after a few minuets of struggling. They hugged each other for what seemed like hours before Makoto pressed their lips together again, their eyes closing innocently. Haruka let their lips collide this time, having been forgotten for two years it felt good to be caressed. I promised... Haruka thought as Makoto forced their lips together tenderly. I promised him... His heart pounded with intense pain as Makoto's hands slid up to caress Haruka's face. Rin I'm so sorry... Haruka apologized over and over in his mind. 

          You will not be forgotten for one second with me Haruka. Makoto thought to himself as he kissed Haruka's soft lips. His heart beat rapidly with overwhelming joy. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. They kissed for a moment longer before Makoto pulled off his wet jacket, then his shirt revealing his amazing muscles. A slight blush spread across Haruka's face as he watched Makoto strip and Makoto could tell that many accusations were going through his head. "We need to get some dry clothes on right?" Makoto smiled and unzipped Haruka's club jacket. He was overjoyed at the way Haruka had accepted him. He has let me in his small circle... 

          "I-I can change myself!" Haruka said and stormed off quickly to his room. Makoto was left with an extended arm where he had grasped the zipper and a sheepish smile, enjoying Haruka's flustered actions.

          Though he had more of a kuu-dere personality. Makoto was definitely going to sneak into bed with him tonight to hold him as close as he could before Haruka could change his mind about letting him get close. 

           Haruka leaned over the sink, feeling sick from his betrayal. How could I do this... I love YOU Rin... Haruka was trying to gain control over his mixed up feelings. Rin hadn't tried to contact him in nearly two years. He felt forgotten, and like he had done something severely wrong. Don't you still love me..? I miss you... He felt like crying as he supported himself over the running faucet. 

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