She was always the quiet girl, kept to herself not saying what she saw. He was the new kid not knowing anyone, just trying to make a friend. But there was one problem the dangerous kid got in the way

*No Hate It's My First Movella*


2. The New Kid

*Bella's POV*

Hearing my alarm go off I grunted and got out of bed

I did my normal routine and walked into the bathroom and stripped down my clothes and stepped into the shower letting the hot water run down my back. After washing up I got out and put on light makeup, some mascara and lipgloss. I straightened my long hair and put my denim high waisted shorts on and a flowy top along with my tan sperry's.

I ran down stairs and grabbed an apple and headed out the door to walk to school

See I live by myself because my parents left me two years ago to go off somewhere, where? I'm not sure. That's when every thing changed

I use to have alot of friends but when my parents left I hit rock bottom. I started breaking down all the time and started drinking to get my mind off things, not really caring what I looked like, thats when all my "friends" left me. Ever since than I don't really talk much. I'm considered quiet. People now just make fun of me and there's nothing I say or do to make them stop.

* At School* 

I walked in just on time and ran to my locker to get my first class books

I guess my teacher was having a conference in the room so are class was just waiting outside 

I was standing against the wall just listening to what people where saying, mostly about me, the number one hated person in school just great. I was interrupted out of my thoughts by the teacher telling us to come in.

I took my usual spot in the back 

"Class" Mrs. Karen, are teacher said " I would like you to meet the new student Justin" she said 

Oh great just another person to make fun of me

"Justin how about you take a seat, there's one in the back" 

Just even better, the seat right next to me

I watched him walk to the back, might I say he was very good looking, he had brown flowy hair and these carmel eyes that can make you melt.

When he got to the back I looked down not wanting to get made fun of expecting he is like every other kid her-

" Hi, I'm Justin" he said to me looking into my eyes

" I- I'm Isabella-a, call me Bella"

"Bella, I like that" 

After that I just continued listening to the teacher

Soon enough the the period was over and I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could 

When I got out I started walking towards my next class, when I heard someone calling my name, I was just about to turn around when someone spun me around. I closed my eyes and said "please don't hurt me". 

I opened my eyes to realize it was just Justin, woooff

" Bella why did you say don't hur-

He was interrupted by someone screaming my name loud and clear for everyone to hear




he kept going until he saw me

He stormed over and grabbed my wrist pulling me away from Justin and pushing me against the wall

"BELLA WTF why didn't you come over last night?! my abusive "boyfriend" Brandon yelled

I-I uh I-I forgot, sor-

I was interrupted with him slapping my face and me falling to the ground


Before he could evan finish I saw him laying on the ground next to me 

I looked up to see Justin standing there with his fist up... Oh great the new kid doesn't get who I am does he.


******** So I'm not sure if I should continue or not... Please comment if I should**************






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