She was always the quiet girl, kept to herself not saying what she saw. He was the new kid not knowing anyone, just trying to make a friend. But there was one problem the dangerous kid got in the way

*No Hate It's My First Movella*


3. Thanks

I got up and ran out of school, I couldnt deal with this right now. I heard Justin calling my name but I just kept running 


I ran to the park and sat by a tree and just cried 


See I met Brandon about 2 years ago and I fell for him really hard but then we started drifting away and I tried braking up with him but he was too sad and wouldn't let me leave. 


Ever since that were still a "couple" but he's really abusive and last night he wanted me to come over and have sex with him but I just don't want to. 


I felt warm muscular arms wrap around my toro and pick me up, he set me down and we were face to face starring into his soft eyes, he saw me crying and wiped away my tears. 


Who was that he said almost in a whisper. 


Brandon I said still crying 


He asked who he was and I told him everything from the time we first met to all the beatings and him wanting to do me 


Im so sorry Bella 


Its ok I said


How about we skip the rest of school and just watch a movie? he said smiling 


I would love that I said 

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