She was always the quiet girl, kept to herself not saying what she saw. He was the new kid not knowing anyone, just trying to make a friend. But there was one problem the dangerous kid got in the way

*No Hate It's My First Movella*


4. Ha

We got to Justin's house and I made popcorn while Justin picked a movie 


  What movie did you pick I asked  


The Purge said Justin  


JUUUSTINNN that's scaryyy I complained  


Baby I'll protect you he said winking


  ***During The Movie***  


Fuck this movie was scary I was clutching on to Justin's shirt and had my face buried in his neck


  A scary part came on and I jumped on Justin's lap holding him tight 


  Shhhh baby don't worry I got you he whispered in my ear   


Thanks I said 


  Babe I think you got popcorn in your shirt he said laughing   


I looked down and saw I missed my mouth lol  


Here I'll get it 


  Before I could even answer he had both of his hands down my shirt 


  Justin got it out and then ate it 


  JUSTIN that's weirdddddd I said laughing 


  Only for you babe he said smirking 


  After that he had his hands down my shirt again messaging my boobs   


Ju-Justinnn ss-topp I moaned  


Don't lie babe I know you like it he said giving them one big squeeze  


He than started kissing and sucking on my neck  


I couldn't take it anymore I turned around and started kissing him, he kissed rite back biting my bottom lip forcing it up open and shoving his tongue in it we stayed like that until his door bursted open and....      


Sorry, Cliffhangerrrr 


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*His Boo*

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