She was always the quiet girl, kept to herself not saying what she saw. He was the new kid not knowing anyone, just trying to make a friend. But there was one problem the dangerous kid got in the way

*No Hate It's My First Movella*


6. Broken

Brandon came bursting threw the door how he knew where Justin lived I had no clue.

He yanked me from Justin and carried me outside giving Justin a hard punch to the gut causing him to fall over. 

I was crying uncontrollably and I could see that Brandon knew Justin would come out and try to find us so he lead us to the side of his house.

He pushed me down and started beating me pinching me in the stomach, slapping my face and ripping my clothes off. 

Once he had accomplished  the beating and I was almost fully naked except for my bra and panties he started sucking on my neck trying to leave me a hickey. 

After biting my neck a couple of times he was pulled back by Justin as I just sat there and watched Justin beat the crap out of him.

When Justin was done he assured Brandon that me and him ( Brandon) were broken up for good and that he could not keep in contact with me because he was getting me a straining order against him. 

Brandon ran into his car and right before he sped away he just looked at me and Justin and promised us he was not done.....


*His Boo*

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