Lost Love

This is a story about Larry. I know what most of you are thinking, UUGGH, but please read it, it's kinda cute :)


1. Meeting You


Harry's POV

Takes place September 3rd, 2010

  I was just sitting there, relaxing with Louis on the couch. We were watching TV, but nothing was on. I didn't even care, because all I had was Louis. I even remember when we first met…


Haz: where are you from?

Lou: Doncaster

Haz: oh I thought you were from paradise <3















 And it all went from there. I just know that he is the one for me. With the other lads hanging out, I was so fucking bored. Haz: wanna go to Starbucks Lou? Lou: sure Hazza :) So we got out from our flat and went to Starbucks.




































































































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