so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


6. where are we going?

when i got inside the house i ran upstairs to my room and collapsed on my bed. zack walked in " hey whats up with you?" he asked " i havent seen you run that fast in years". i giggled at his remark i told him about what happened he had always liked justin but this time he reacted different. "hes bad news kate " he said and walked away. i dont know whats gotten into him but i guess he will come around.

i sat on my bed and watched tv for a while until it was time for me to get ready. i put on a short strapeless dress that was tight at the top and then was loose and flowy it was a pale blue. i put on some makeup and a gold chain necklace with a pair of black heels. i heard the doorbell ring and i went downstairs. by that stage zack had already answered it was talking to justin. when justin saw me he just stared at me " we better go" i said and then i kissed zack goodbye on the cheek and left. 

once we had gotten into the car justin said " woah babe you look beautiful ". i blushed and i thought to myself "babe" what im not his babe. he laughed at me as i blushed "what did i embarass you?" he asked. i shooked my head and he started to drive. "so where are you taking me tonight?" i asked. "well i have this place booked but im not going to tell you what or where it is because that would ruin the suprise" he replied. i was annoyed that he wouldnt tell me so i just kept quiet for the rest of the journey.

we were still in the car for the next thirty minutes and then he finally pulled into this place it was small and quiet but it was itailian. there was no one else here because justin had booked out the whole place so that no one could interupt us. as we walked in he held the door open for us. as tubby itailian man walked over to us and said " ahh justin long time no see" in an italian accent " welcome back" justin smiled and agreed the man lead us to our table. we looked at the menu and ordered our food and drink. 

" so " he said " how long you staying here for?" he asked me. " im not moving again my dad got a job here permanantly so were staying" i replied. he looked me in the eyes and smile "thats great that means i get to spend more time with you and tis i hope i dont loose you!". i laughed and said "well if you keep this up ill stay forever". he looked at me confuzed " what do you mean". "well i mean being sweet and nice and stuff" i smiled as i saw he blush. " then i better keep it this way. our food came and we talked the whole time. when we left it was about 11:00 and i got home at about a quater to 12 justin walked me to the door and i hugged him and thanked him for the night and i stared into his eyes. he cupped my face with his hands and leant in and kissed me. i felt sparks everywhere and i got butterflies in my belly. he stopped when we were interupted by some one opening the door it was......

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