so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


8. what the fuck?!?!

i opened the door and i saw zack kissing someone "ohh la la" i yelled until i realised who the girl was it was............."leila?!?!" i yelled "what the fuck are you doing?". Leila looked at me and yelled "what the fuck am I doing you mean what the fuck are you doing? You holding hands with justin fucking bieber! ". I looked at my hand and then at justin and then to sack and Leila. Justin whispered in my ear " it's ok let you brother and Leila be happy together we are going to need other people to go on double dates with babe". I smiled at his remark and I nodded my head and said " look I'm sorry for yelling I was just really surprised but I shouldn't be I mean I know sacks a player" shit I thought that came out comepletly wrong I just called him a player. I was about to speak until Leila cut me off " I know you didn't mean it that way" she ran over to me and hugged me and I hugged back. " I'm dating your brother and you dating my idol" she whispered in my ear " even I guess" I whispered back and we both started laughing. 

" well we are going to leave you two in peace" I grabbed Justin's hand and lead him upstairs to my room and jumped onto my bed. Justin came and sat beside me he looked a bit glum. "Why so sad?" I asked. He looked at me and replied " I have to go back on tour on Monday for a month...". I looked at him but he looked away. " hey hey hey " I said and I cupped his face with my hands " I have school on Monday and its not like I could see you anyway! And think about it the quick you finish your tour the quicker you get to see me! And you can come to my graduation and stuff babe! Look I promise everything's gonna be alright!".

He smiled at me and he leant in and so did I our lips touch it was like magic he lay down and I lay on top of him and we never broke the kiss he started to take my top off I pulled out. " too soon, too soon" I said " it's not my first time or anything but I don't want to give you what your looking for too soon ok". He smiled at me " I understand but don't think all I want is to get in your pants because that's not the half of it!". I bit my lip and got up " what the fuck?" He asked I just laughed and walked out " you tease!" He yelled at me. 


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