so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


7. well that escelated quickly!

 he stopped when we were interupted by some one opening the door it was...... zack he stood there and justin kissed mt cheek and slid something into my bag we said goodbye and he left. i was furious at zack. " ugh why do you have to ruin everything?" i yelled at him " i mean was that really nessisary?". i stormed up to my room and i heard him call my name but i didnt look back. i got into my room and played my music really loud, so i couldnt hear him anymore. i looked into my bag to see what justin had put in it was a peice of paper that had his number on it and i read "text me xxx" i saved the nmber to my contacts but i didnt text him. i woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. i picked up and i heard a familiar voice " why didnt you text me i had to ask my mum for your number it was so emmbarassing" i laughed as i realised who it was. "goodmoring to you too justin" i said in my morning voice he sounded very awake though " yeah yeah" he said " i was waiting for you to text me. anyways i had a really good time lastnight can i take you out for lunch later? " he asked and of course i said yes. " ok good ill pick you up at 1:30 then " he said. i agreed and we both hung up. i looked at the time i was 12:30. shit i knew i had to get ready because justin was going to come early he always does.

I got up and went to have a shower and washed my hair. I got out and put on a pair of black leggings a bandeau and over that a string top but the arm holes almost reached the bottom to the top and over that a cardigan. I took down my hair and dried it and put it in a side fishtail plait and I put some makeup on when I heard the door bell I grabbed my bag, put my purse, makeup and my phone in it and went down stairs. Zack had opened the door already. When I got down there he said " look I'm really sorry about last night that was really rude of me " I smiled at him and he walked away.



I looked at justin and he looked at me and once I got out the door we both burst out laughing. He walked me to his car it was his white Ferrari. He got in the other side and I said " nice ride bieber". He laughed at me " you mean jerry right?" He replied. I giggled and I hit him playfully and said " you know what I mean you loser". He laughed at me and drove away, we stopped outside my favourite Restaurent " Tony's". " this is your favourite restaurant right?" He asked. I had no idea how he knew so I asked him and he told me " well Facebook can tell a lot about a person" he smiled. " stalking me now are we?" I asked. He laughed at me and we got out of the car. Camera lights were going off everywhere, I just stood there but someone came behind me and pushed me threw them to get into the Restaurent, it was justin. Once we got inside I thanked him and he replied with " anything for my princess". 

We got to our table and we talked and ordered our food and then talked some more. when we were done he payed the bill and we left. we got threw the paparazzi and got into the car. he dropped me home and walked me up and at the door he kissed me again but this time no one interupted us. "your a good kisser" he said to me. " well i have had many boyfriends so im not suprised" i smiled at him. " well speaking of boyfriends, i want to be yours so will you be my girlfriend?" he asked my jaw dropped. " look i know its short notice but i really like you and all i want is you". "omb of course i will" i threw i arm around his neck and kissed him he smilled in the kiss. i opened the door and i saw zack kissing someone "ohh la la" i yelled until i realised who the girl was it was.............

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