so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


25. welcome back!

*justin pov


i was so excited to go home and especially for everyone to meet kate again. it was going to be epic. i went to collect her at 12:00 and she came out looking beautiful as always hugged her dad and zack and got in the car. " im so excited to go back" she siad. " me too!" i reponded. when we got to the airport there was a lot of belibers there and when the car pulled up to my private jet security immediatly brought us straight to the plane and when we got in kate tole me that i should go and say something to them because i mean with out them i would be nowhere. so i did as she told me i went out and said " thanks for coming guys but i gotta go home" and then i went back inside to kate and i sat on the couch with her. it was going to be a long plane ride kate fell asleep and the shortly after so did i.

i woke up to kate telling me that we had landed. i got out of the plane to se twice as many beliebers as there was in LA. i think kate was a bit taken aback because of the look she had on her face. i put my arm around her shoulder and we were escourted to our car. we got in and to my suprise there was kenny we did out hand shake thing and kate just sat there and laughed. the car started up and we were on our way back home.

when we arrived the car pulled up right outside the house. we got out of the car and i grabbed kates hand and intertwined our fingers someone carried our bags inside. the door opened and there was everyone. "welcome home justin" they all yelled i ran over and hugged them all and i introduce them all to kate. they all thought that she was lovely sweet and kind and thats exactly what she is. once we got settled in i was told that dad was coming later so i had time to go out with ryan and chaz. i wonder if they'll remember kate? i asked myself. 

we got in the car and drove to the basketball arena i knew that they would be there because thats what we used to do together. i walked in and i yelled " biebers in the house yall!" just like i used to. we ran up to eachother and did our handshakes and stuff kate just stood there in the corner laughing at us. " bro whos the pretty girl in the corner?" chaz asked. "you dont remember her she was in our class when we were six?" i replied he still didnt remember her " the rule breaker" i whispered. " oh yeah the rule breaker. she looked at me and then smiled " i like it "the rule breaker" it has aring to it dont you think?". we all laughed chaz and ryan ran up to her and hugged her "welcome back" they said. chaz tried to kiss her on the cheek " nothings changed chaz your still a player" she winked at him. and i pulled her into a kiss. "woah its getting hot in here" ryan shouted.

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