so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


32. vegas!

*justin pov


once we pushed through the croud of people we hopped into the car. i felt really bad for what i almost did to kate why do i act like such a jerk when all the boys are around its just stupid. we were the only ones in the car appart from the driver, tonight we were going to go out to one of the best clubs in all of vegas. i wanted kate to meet a few other friends of mine like btr and ariana and stuff.

it was about a twenty minute drive to the hotel and the whole way there kates eyes were glued to the window i guessed she had never been to vegas before. once we got to the hotel our bads were taken by the staff and they showed us to our room. we opened the door and her mouth dropped, i have to admit i was very nice, it had a bath room a kitchen a living room a dining room and a bedroom, it was pretty big too.

we exploreed it for a while and i told her to go and get ready as it was 4:30 and i wanted to take her to dinner. she popped in the shower and i got in after her, when i came out she was only in a bra and panties and damn she looked hot! she caught me looking at her and i quickly looked away she just laughed.

i put on a black leat v-neck t-shirt, black supras, black pants, and a black snapback. when i was finished dressing i decided to check out what my girl was wearing,  i looked at her she was wearing a short flowy red dress, black heel, red lipstick and smokey eyes and she smelt amazing " damn shawtyyou look smoking!" i hollered. "thankyou you look good too baby!"she giggled. we walked out and we were actually eating in the hotels restaurent so we didnt have to walk to far. the dinner we had was amazing but i knew she couldnt wait to get to the club

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