so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


29. vegas here we come

*justin pov


to be honest i think she was really impressed with me that i had done all that. i just wanted to show her what i would do for her. i had plans to take her out for dinner together and then go out to a party i was invited to. when we got back i told her my plans she looked so happy and nothing could bring her down. she went to get ready and so did i. i put on beige chinos and a grey v-neck and black high tops. i was ready before she was but when i saw here my mouth dropped.  she was in a tight plain black dress with black heels with  bowtie on the strap, her hair was wavy and she had smokey eyeshadow and red lipstick on she was perfect. " you ready?" she asked i nodded and we left.

once we got outside i said "damn shawty you look hot!" she laughed and replied " not so bad yourself bieber". it was so sexy when she called me bieber. i decided to sing to her in the car instead of the radio and she sang along with me she had a really good voice. once we got there the doors were opened for us by the restuarents workers. we walked inside holding hands i come to the restuarent everytime i came home they knew me well here. " ahh mr. bieber we were expecting you" the person at the front said " of course you did, we made a reservation stupid" i heard kate mumble under her breath so only i could hear. 

the dinner we had was amazing i mean it was so tasty. we got the bill when we were finished and it was $110 dollars. she looked over at it and said" omg justin i have to help pay for this" i just laughed at the look on her face. " no i got it im a multimillionaire babe" i smiled. we payed and made our way to the party at chazs house by the time we got there everyone was drunk and i remembered what happened last time i partied with kate i had to keep her satisfied.

we made our way in side and chaz greeted us he wasnt drunk but he had a girl around his arm that was. "hey look who made it" he yelled so we could here him " i wouldnt miss it chaz you know that" the girl pulled him into a kiss and we made our way through the sea of people to the drink table. i took two shots one for me and one for kate we drank it down and then we both grabbed a beer each. i know it wasnt right but yolo i guess and kate had no problem with it. we floated into the sea of people and started dancing together and kate started to twerk on me and i held her drink as she did so. she was amazing everything i need and all i want. 

time flew by and she was having such a good time all we did was dance kiss and talk and she stayed with me the whole time. we went over to chaz and ryan who were talking to eachother while looking at these girls. "you guys need some help?" kate asked them. " nah not me just ryan" chaz replied. " well who do you want?" she asked ryan " well i like the one in the blue" he said.

she walked over to the girl and tapped her shoulder and said" hey you see that guy over there he thinks your really pretty and he was wondering if he could get your number?" she got it and she walked back over to us "here" she said and gave apiece of paper to ryan he thanked her and went to dance.

" well better get going we have a flight tomorrow morning" i said. she nodded and told chaz and ryan to keep in touch they looked at me shit i forgot to tell her. "oh yeah i forgot to tell you that they are coming too!" i whispered to her. " yayy!!" she screamed " VEGAS HERE WE COME!"

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