so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


34. vegas 3

*kate pov


i woke up the next day and i felt justins arms around my waist. i reached over to my phone that was on the side table and looked at the time. shit it was 3:00 in the afternoon i thought it would be like twelve. i wasnt feeling so good so i got up and went into the bathroom.

i looked at myself in the mirror i was shocked at what i saw. i looked like a ghost my face was extremly pale and i felt really weak and dizzy. i saw justin walk in the door and ask "baby girl, are you ok?" he looked at me right in the eyes. my head was pounding in my head and it wreaked so bad i began to black out and i fell to the floor but someone caught me.

"i will catch you if you fall, i will catch you if you fall ohh" i woke up to hear someone singing to me it was justin " baby your awake!" he whispered. i looked up into his deep brown eyes. " what time is it?" i asked. "its 7:30 baby" he responded. i reached for my phone and he passed it to me. " your suppose to go to the club!". he looked down at his hands and then looked back at me " no we were but now your sick and i have to look after you" i looked at him i could tell he wanted to go.

"babe its ok i can look after myself, i want you to go out and have fun please for me?" he looked at me. " i mean the doctor said it would be ok if someone was here with you all the time baby" he replied. i smlied at him

" ill be fine im not a little girl i mean kenny can come and stay with me but i want you back ant 1:00 any later and im calling you, i need to cuddle later ok?" i continued. he laughed at me and went to get ready. before he left he came in and kissed my forehead. i heard the door shut and he was talking to kenny. 

kenny walked into me " hey honey how are you?" he asked. i smlied at him " im better but i think im just gonna go to sleep though" he nodded and closed the door after him and i fell into a deep sleep. 

i woke and i heard the tv on outside it was probably kenny i pulled out my phone from under my pillow it was 2:00 and justin still wasnt here i called his cell. "yello ?" i heard him say " justin, where are you? i need you i miss you" i spoke into the phone, i couldnt hear any music so i guessed he was in the bathroom or something. i could tell he was really high and drunk. " ok ok im leaving now byee" he replied and hung up. i hope he didnt do anything stupid or something he would regret. 

just then my phone rang it was justin. i picked it up " hello? justin?" i said i realised it was probably a butt dial. i was about to hang up when i heard him say " yeah i know sweetie im sorry i have to go, my little bitch of a girlfriend wants me back" i heard a laugh but it wasnt a boys voice " its ok justy, but your missing out i could go all night and i bet so could jerry. 

i hung up i couldnt listen to it anymore, it made me sick. how could he? 

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