so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


10. Truth or dare

*justin pov


kate looked worried as I got up to answer the door " they'll love I promise baby " I reassured her. She smiled at me I answered the door the boys all walked in there was ill twist, lil za, Alfredo, Cody and Carly. I introduced them to Kate. " I've heard a lot about you over the past few days " Alfredo said to Kate. She looked at me and I began to blush she stood up and walked over to me and kissed me " ohh la la " everyone said and they were whistling she gave me a look and I told her that she would get used to it. We all went into the sitting room and I turned of the tv. Carly and Kate were really hitting it off. "Ok let's play truth or dare!"  za shouted I agreed even though I knew that this probably wasn't going to end well. " ok well justin truth or dare?" He asked me. " truth " I said I heard Kate beside me cough while saying pussy. That made me laugh. " ok will you ever cheat on Kate?". She looked at me and I looked right back at her and said "no she is my one and only love ". She smiled at me and kissed me she could tell I wasn't lying because while I said it I kept a straight face and eye contact. She was kissing me really hard and I stuck my tongue in her mouth and our tongues were fighting for dominance when someone yelled get a room so she pulled away and she smiled. The game went on and when we finished lil twist asked Kate a really personal question " so Kate when did you lose your virginity?" I gave him a deathly glare. Kate looked at me and told me it was ok " well I was young really young..". "Oh come on I'm not gonna judge you!" He said. " we'll I was 13..." She said. I was shocked, my mouth dropped open and she looked at me and I closed it. Her eyes started tear up and I pulled her into a hug. "Twist should never have asked that" I whispered to her. I could feel her stop crying and say " I needed to tell you, you needed to know". She pulled out of the hug and went to the bathroom. " that was low dude real low" I said to twist. He just stood there and then said " dude I had no idea I'm sorry bro" then he walked away. 


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