so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


20. time to party part 3

*justin pov


"what was that about?" i asked. she walked over to fredo who was kissing some chick and she yelled into his ear "oh la la, its getting hot in hear" he pulled away from the girl he was kissing and left her to talk to kate. " dude that chick is out of control!" he yelled so that i could hear him. " i know that, but she did warn me when we were in the car about what was gonna happen...." i replied. he looked at me he was shocked. i knew that he was thinking, shit its not her first time. no way was it her first time. i slowly but surely was begining to find out who she really was. she really was different.

i turned around to look at kate and my jaw dropped she was kissing someone else and that some one else was the girl alfredo was just kissing. i was shocked i was wrong she was in no way innocent she was in all ways guilty. alfredo turned around "what the fuck?" he yelled. i knew what he was talking about. i walked over to her and pulled her off the other girl "were leaving" i yelled at her. she smiled atme and waved good bye to everyone she was tripping all over the place. i had to get her steady because i knew that there would be paparazzi outside she looked steady so i dragged her out the door cameras flashed i put her in the car and i got in the other side. i hadnt drank a lot so it was ok. 

when we got back to mine she began to kiss me and i pushed her off me " baby whats wrong?" she asked looking confused. " your drunk" i yelled 2 you dont know what your doing". i grabbed her and tried to pull her up the stairs but she resisted and she slumped down and sat on the floor. "come on" i yelled at her. she started to cry.  " baby im sorry" i ran over to her and hugged her but she pushed me away " go away you dont love me, if you loved me you wouldnt have yelled" i whimpered. i was hurt by what she said but i reminded myself that she was drunk. i went over to hug her she hugged back and nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck. i picked her up and carried her upstairs and i put her into one of my shirts and lay her in the bed in the spare room. by the time i was on  my way to bed she was fast asleep.

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