so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


19. time to party part 2

*justin pov


i looked over at kate and she was drinking down shots like god knows what she walked over to me she was so drunk she could barely stand up. she grabbed my hand and pulled me on the floor. she put her arms around my neck and i pu my hands around her waist but she moved them down so that they were on her ass. she started to kiss me she smelt of alcohol so bad she began to kiss my neck and began to suck. i moaned and she looked up at me " like that do you bieber" she grinned at me and did it again i moaned her name she didnt stop until the song ended and the song low by flo rida came on she looked at me she started to dance again she was amazing as soon as it said " she hit the floor" she did a slut drop she could tell she was turning me on.

by the end of the song everyone was looking at her. she certainly got alot of attention from everyone. a guy walked by me and said "you are one lucky dude" i smiled. kate was a tease as soon as the song was over she walked off the floor over to twist who was smoking weed she took it out of his mouth and and smoked it herself. she smiled walked over to me and blew all of the smoke in my face damn she was hot!

" bro she likes to party" fredo said to me i nodded i took my eye off her for one second and she was gone. i asked za and he told me that she went to dance with twist. not good, not good at all. twist was sound when he wanted to be but his hobby was getting laid and he would do whatever it takes. i saw her dancing with this random guy and twist was no where to be seen i walked over to her and grabbed her hand she pulled away and threw one of her hands around my neck " baby" she shouted " this is my friend jamie from newyork hes the one i did drugs with" . i was shocked my girl did drugs. "wait you do drugs" i asked. " well yeah" she replied " i do them every now and again they just make me fell so alive baby ". she walked over to jamie again and whispered something to him and he slipped something into her pocket she walked away and yelled "thank jamie you da mann!!!". 

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