so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


4. the third kid

as i walked in the side gate i realised how nice the house was it had an amazing garden and a longish drive way. i walked up to the door and a small petit lady with blue eyes and long brown hair opened the door. " hi im pattie nice to meet you " she said. i realised who it was and in my head i was totally freaking out! "omb i know who you are!" i replied. she said "well then you'll know jaxon and jazmine" i nodded and i saw them run up to her to see who was at the door. she showed me around the house quickly and told me she had to run but she'd be back at about 4:00 it was 11:00 now. she said if i needed anything just to call her. i nodded and smiled at her the kids hugged her goodbye and then she left now it was just me and then atleast thats what i thought..... the kids ran into the tv room and started watching some kids show that i had never seen before. i sat down beside them and i started to think about them that i had just met my idols mom and now im minding his step siblings! i was still shocked but i stopped thinking when i heard a noise coming from upstairs and i stood up looking worried i guess because jazmine noticed and she said " hes awake! " i didnt know what was going on but the next thing i knew was that jaxon and jazmine were running up the stairs and turned off the tv and followed them and they went into one of the bedrooms. i heard someone groan and i thought it was probably their dad. i heard them laughing and jazmine screamed i didnt want to intrude but i was scared when she screamed and i walked over to the doorway and i saw a young guy in the bed tickling both of them i chuckled and i guess he noticed me because he looked up at me and i almost fainted! i could believe my eyes i must have gone all pale because he asked me if i was alright. all i could manage to say was " omb yyyour j justin b bieber!" he laughed and stopped tickling me jazmine intoduced me saying " justy dis is kate she is our new babysitter". he looked me right in the eye and smiled at me i got butterfly in my tummy and i looked away and said " jazzy jaxon how about we go downstairs and let your brother get changed so he can come downstairs? " they agreed and ran out of the room he winked at me as i walked away...  

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