so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


3. that is disgusting

"eww shut up shut up shut up shut up " i told her "that is eww dont even say that, dont even think that". she laughed at me and i told her it wasnt funny and that caused her to laugh even harder. girl code brothers are off limits its in the hand book girll!!! i said in my head. it was about 7 and leila had left so i went down stairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. i saw zack sitting on the kitchen island on his laptop. " your friends pretty hot sis" he said to me. " well shes off limits" i replied. " how come does she have i boyfriend?" he asked. " no she doesnt but your not allowed to date my friends its gross". he chuckled to himself and went back to his laptop. i fixed myself a sandwich when my dad walked in. "hi dad" i said. " hello princess how was school?" he asked. " it was good i had a friend over leila shes really nice" i replied. " oh thats cool honey can you make me a sandwich to im starving it was a long day at work" he went and sat down on the sofa and turned on the tv to watch the news. i made him his sandwich and i sat down and watched the news with him one of the headlines was " justin bieber not going out with selena and says they are just close friends and he decides to take a break to his home in LA " it read. i began to daydream about him, about how beautiful and sexy he was until i heard my dad saying my name and i snapped out of it " oh sorry i was daydreaming" i said. " i know" he replied and he asked " well i got this job for you to baby sit these two kids they live in the neighbourhood and i thought it would be good for you to earn some money of your own instead of using mine all the time!". "omb yeah i would love to when do i start?" i said as i jumped with joy. " tomorrow heres there address" he said as he handed my a piece of paper with the address, phone number and the name. the parents name was pattie. oh how i loved that name it was justin biebers moms name. im not a huge belieber but i have followed him since the start. i picked up my phone and went upstairs to my bedroom and dialed the number into my phone to save it in my contacts. then i got changed and went to bed. the next morning i got ready for going to babysit. i didnt have school today because it was a day for parent teacher meetings. i got into a pair of denim jeans that were rolled up at the end with my short with converse and a black tight crop top from hollister. i put on some make up and perfume grabbed my phone and left the house while yelling goodbye to zack he yelled by back. i started following the directions that my dad had given my to get to the house when i finally found it i pressed the buzzer on the walk in gate and i heard a sweet soft voice on the machine " hello " it said. " hi im kate and im your babysitter " i said. " oh iv been expectiong you " she said and she buzzed me in. 

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