so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


16. suprise!!!!

*kate pov 


i woke up at 9:00 my graduation ceremony was at 2:00 so i still had plenty of time so i hopped in the shower. when i got out i put my bath robe on brushed my hair and then dried it. i left it down and put it in a waterfall plait. i got out my dress it was a tourcwise dress that was tight at the top and loose at the bottom. it had a black flowery design on it  and two slits one on each side just above my waist. i put on some simple makeup on and grabbed my graduation stuff and brought it downstairs. " wow you look beautiful" zac gasped. i winked and him and gave him a hug and my dad walked in. " there she is my princess you look amazing" he smiled i hugged him and i was so thankful to have such a good and kind family. it was only 12 so i sat down and watched tv until we had to go. when we got there my dad and zack took their seats and i took my seat beside leila and my other friends.


* justin pov

it was almost time for me to go on stage. i was so excited to see her i missed her so much. i was called into the dressing room to talk to scooter and he said " good look buddy, your a lucky one" he winked at me and walked away. " 5 minutes bieber" someone yelled at me. 


*kate pov 

i was so excited to graduate and it was almost time. " now" said our principal " we have a very special guest with us today and he would like to preform a song to his one love!" he said and walked off stage i gave leila a look like what? i heard a song start it was beauty and a beat and all i knew was that it was justin! i began to cry and leila hugged me and brought me into the middle isle and he started walking up to me. i was so embarrassed as i was litterally bawling my eyes out. he brought me up on stage and was singing and dancing with me everyone was shouting and screaming in a good way. when it came to the wrap part he knew that i knew it well and he made me wrap it and i think that was the happiest iv ever been in my whole life. when the song was over i threw her arms around his neck and crashed my lips into his. i heard a couple of people shout " oh la la" and i smiled and broke the kiss. the principal told us that we had graduated and then we all through our hats in the air. i was so happy and i was still crying tears of joy " i i thoughtt y you w werent coming" i whispered through my tears he looked at me and smiled " baby i wouldnt miss this for the world!" i kissed him once more " baby" he siad " i love you". "well justin its just your luck because i love you too" i smiled and kissed him.

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