so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


26. stratford

* kate pov 


it was so good to see them all again and to see justin having so much fun being here began to bring back the memories. then i met more people i used to know and then i ended up talking to the girl i got to know best in the time i spent there. her name was Kaitlin.

 kaitlin was one of justins ex girlfriends she was so pretty with her long wavy brown hair and her green eyes. the boys were playing basket ball so me and kaitlin decided to go for a walk to get to know eaachother better. " i remember you, you know" she said " you were the one all the guys fell for and you were such a rule breaker. i remember you used to stick your tongue out and mimic the teacher when she had her back turned and you always got out of your seat with out yourself and you used to kiss all the boys!" she laughed at me as i stood there looking shocked i could barely remember her except for the fact that she was always really shy. 

when we got back to the guys justin ran over to me "baby where were you i was getting so worried!" he shouted and everyone turned around to look at us. " justin i was with kaitlin we were just catching up!" i shouted back and i threw my hands around his neck and pulled him into a kiss he put his hands on my ass and squeezed it but we never broke the kiss. he slyly slipped his tongue in his mouth and we started to fight for dominance i won and the was when justin pulled away "sore loser much?" i said. he smiled and i heard chaz shout "now whos the player?" i turned aroung and yelled back "its still you chaz, sorry babee" everyone started to laugh. 

i was getting hungry but i didnt want to say it to justin because he was having such a good time. i think he noticed though because the next thing he said was " ok lets go eat at tims!" everyone agreed and we got in our cars and went over. justin walked in and everyone was like " justin its good to see you honey" and stuff it was really amusing. we sat down and ate our food it was delicious i got a salad and justin got a sandwich. after that we walked around the town and justin took me back to the avon theater and he sat down and started to sing " somebody to love " and he made me dance to it aswell because he knew i loved to dance. by the time we were finished there was a crowd of people around us. we both bowed and he kissed my cheek. i love you" he whispered into my ear and i whispered back " i love me too baby" he just laughed at me and i had a really big cheesey smile on my face as we walked away from the place where it all began.

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