so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


28. so sweet

i woke up the next morning and justin was lying beside me fast asleep i didnt want to wake him up and i couldnt go back to sleep so i just got up and got in the shower. a few minutes later i heard the door click open "justin?" i called there was no answer so i just continued what i was doin until ti felt someones arms wrap around me i got such a fright, it made me jump. "shhh its ok its just me" i turned around to face justin and i hit him playfully. "you scared me so bad" i pouted. "aww im sorry baby" he said and his juicy plump lips lent in to kiss me and so did mine, our lips met in the middle. justins tongue somehow got into my mouth and we were fighting for dominance justins won but we kept kissing. then i pulled away " you have and amazing body" he smirked. my cheeks flushed red and i had a big smile on my face " thank you" i saw him looking at boobs "hello? my eyes are up here" i chuckled. then he blushed he was the cutest thing ever and he was all mine. i got out of the shower and got dressed into a pair of ripped denim jeans, a tight, light purple crop top, a cream cardigan and my white high top converse. justin wore a pair of low black jeans, purple top, a snapback and his purple supras. " so where you wanna go get breakfast?" he asked. "well im not really hungry so where ever you want i guess" i replied he looked at me and i knew that he was going to make me eat. " baby you have to eat so im bringing you to starbucks!" he told me. we went downstair and said goodbye to them and got in his car and drove to star buck he got a sandwich and coffee, i got a scone with coffee. we ate without anyone interupting us it was nice, we talked about random stuff. "so what you wanna do today" justin asked to be honest i know no idea what i wanted to do so i justin told him to suprise me. he smiled, we left and got in his car and he put a blindfold on me. "now dont take it off until i say so ok?" he said. "ok i wont" i was bout to wink at him but the i remembered that i had a blindfold on. we were in the car for about five minutes and justin came and took me out and he took the blindfold off and i looked up at this treehouse in a park and suddenly i remembered. i turned around and looked at him with my teary eyes " you remembered?" i asked he looked at me and wiped the tears off my face " baby i could never forget the day i first met you" he smiled. we went up to the treehouse it hadnt changed a bit. he pecked me " i love you babe" he whispered. " i love you too j" i replied. that whole day justin did everything that reminded me of my past like bring me to my old house, going to the school and the playground where i told him that he was my bestfriend. he was just so sweet and he knew it... 

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