so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


5. remember me?

when i got downstairs jaxon asked me if i would play hide and seek with him and jazzy i agreed and he asked justin too. justin said " yeah ill play but only if the hot babysitter does too". i blushed and i could feel my cheeks going bright red i looked down and told him i was playing next thing i hear was jazzy and jaxon saying " not on " i immediatly said the same and i whispered to justin "sorry but your on and i ran away to go and hide i could hear him counting. i ran upstairs and into one of the bedrooms and hid in the closet.

i could tell that justin had found jaxon and jazzy because i could hear them next thing i knew justin opened the closet and he said "hello there" he shout to jazzy and jaxon to tell them he had found me they ran over to me and hugged me and jazzy said " i thought you were lost forever. i laughed at her remark and they both let go and ran downstairs we followed as i was walking down the stairs one of the photos on the wall caught my eye. i looked at it closely and my jaw dropped it was me!

justin came down behind me " that girls a cute one right? she was my bestfriend when i was younger but she moved aroung alot because of her dads work. she was an amazing girl and i would give anything to see her again" he sighed i turned around to face him and i replied

" well its your lucky day because you looking right at her". at that moment his jaw dropped i saw a tear trickle downhis face before he wiped it away.

"kate? is that really you?" i opened my mouth but no words came out so i just nodded. he pulled me into a tight hug i hugged back i couldn't believe that it was him i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i had found him. after he let go i walked down the stairs without saying a word and i put a movie on for the kids.

i walked out into the kitchen and justin looked at me he finished whatever he was eating and patted the chair next to me as a sign that he wanted me to sit down. i went over and sat down he turned to face me and said " i cant believe its you i thought that day you left that i would never see you again, i didnt recognise you the first time because you look so different in a good way of course. i just cant believe its you!".

"well i cant believe its you either! look at you i mean last time i saw you we were playing in your backyard in stratford! now your an international popstar and teen heart throb and not to mentionthat you are my idol! i know your going to find me weird saying this but i missed you so much. you are the only best friend that i have ever had and i missed having you around!" i said. "well i dont find it weird why? because i feel exactly the same way. we talked until pattie came home and we told her all about it she started to tear up. she walked over and hugged me and whispered "i cant believe its you, you look so different".

justin asked me to go to dinner with him and i said yeah he wanted to catch up with me and i wanted to catch upwith him too. he dropped me home and told me that he'd be here at 7:30. i couldn't wait i was so excited. i waved goodbye and i walked inside.

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