so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


14. please....

as the bus pulled away i couldn't help but cry as i walked home. once i got there i slugishly walked up to my room but first i had to get passed my dad. " hi princess!" he shouted he walked over to me and saw my tear stained face princess whats wrong?" he asked and i told him all abouted it and i was suprised because he didnt give out about it one bit all he said was " honey everythings gonna be alright, i promise".

i walked upstairs took my remaining makeup off washed my face got changed and got into bed. i knew it was really early but i just wanted to sleep and hope that when i woke up that justin would be with me and i fell to sleep in an instant... i woke up to the sound of birds out side my window and i looked at my bed i was alone and i started to tear up. i grabbed my phone off my side table and looked at it it read " 12 missed calls from justin" and text from justin that said things like " baby pick up" and " are you ok, please please please pick up". as soon as i had read them all i immediatly called justin. 

*justin pov

i woke up that morning really early because i had to get on a plane to fly to texas. once i got off the plane it was 8:00 and i looked at my phone still nothing from kate. at this point i was begining to get worried. i mean was she just mad i left or had something happened. i did all i could to reach her i mean i called her i texted her i tweeted her and i messaged her on facebook and still nothing until my phone rang i answered immediatly without even looking at the caller id.

" hello" i said. " hey justin" said a soft sweet voice. " baby is that you are you ok? why didnt you pick up my calls? are you mad at me? im rea" thats all i managed to say before she cut me off. "j its ok, everythings ok im fine. i didnt pick up your calls because i fell asleep and no im not mad at you!". i was so relieved i mean what if she was mad at me i just dont know if i could live with that i mean i think im in " justin" she called "are you listening" she snapped me out of my thoughts she told me that she told her dad about us and he is really being supportive. we talked for hours on end about random stuff until i had to go. " bye baby ill called you tonight" i said. "ok justy i miss you and please hurry home i miss you so much baby" she sobbed and then she hung up. i couldnt believe that i was the one causing her all this pain i felt so bad but she was right i just have to get this tour over and done with so i could see her again. 



he guyss hope you like it and i promise that it will get better when kate graduates i swear. if you like it please comment and tell me i wana know if im doing a good job thanks for reading :))

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