so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


2. new again

it was my first day of my new school and it was my last year but im joining in the last semester stupid i know but i gotta got to school if i want to get into a good college. i got up and got dressed into a pair of high waisted denim jeans and a cream knit jumper, i put on some simple make had breakfast and did my teeth and got in the car. daddy was dropping me off on his way to work that way i would get in on time. it was a big school and i knew that i was probably going to get lost in it. when i got inside the building i followed the signs to the principals office dad didnt have enough time to drop me to the office but he wished me the best of luck anyway. once i got to the office area i saw a lady sitting at the desk. i walked in and told her that i was new here and i was told to go to see the principal. the lady smiled at me and told me that he was expecting me and instruckted me to go inside. i saw a tall dark man sitting on the chair behind the desk. " ahh you must be kate" he said with a smile. i nodded and shook his hand. we talked about the school and he showed me to my locker. after i had put my books in my locker he gave me my timetable and i took out the books i needed for the next few classes. he showed me to my classroom and knocked on the door. a tall pale man with black hair and green eyes opened the door and the principal told him that i was a new student he welcomed me into the classroom he told me to take a seat and welcomed me to my new english class " oh im mr wyer by the way" he said. i took a seat next to this girl with long brown dip dyed hair she had blue eyes and a nice smile with good teeth. the teacher stepped out of the room. "hi im leila" she smiled " your new here". i nodded " where are you from its kate right?" she asked. yeah i am kate im from ireland but i havent lived there since i was like 4" i laughed. i told her all about the places iv lived she seemed really interested. "omb thats so cool iv lived here my whole life and iv never been out of the states" she said. " you siad omb right" she nodded. " omb your a belieber me too!" i replied. she was about to reply but the teacher walked back in. "sorry about that i needed to talk to mr stikes" he said the principals name is mr stikes by the way. when class was over he called me and leila over and told leila to make sure i got to all my classes and stuff. she smiled at me and old him that she would be happy to. it was break at that stage she showed me all around the school and we finished our conversation about justin bieber we talked about how amazing and gorgous he is. the bell rang and leila showed me to my class and left the day went quickly and soon it was time to go home. when i got home zack told me that dad was coming to pick us up to go to dinner in two hours. i nodded and went up to my room. i loved my room here i was amazing i had a walk in wardrobe and a ensuite a balcony over looking our backyard and a tv i love it. i picked out my outfit that i was going to wear to dinner and then i sat on my bed and watched friends on the tv until i had to get changed to go to dinner. dad didnt even bother coming in but he honked the car horn and zack yelled " kate come on its time to go dads outside" i ran down the satirs and out the door and zack locked up. we hoped in the car and dad drove us to the restaurent. it was a really nice japanese restaurent. dad told us he had news for us " my boss has told me that if we are happy with where we are right now then he is not going to make us move but its up to you guys" he said he smiled at me. "omb dad thats great and hells yeah i wanna stay here i love it here!" i said. zack agreed with me and dad said that he would talk to the owner about buying the house tomorrow. as soon as we got home i was so tired i got in to bed and went to sleep in my clothes. the next thing i hear is my alarm clock going off time for school woohoo..... dad dropped me to school and i went to my locker where i met leila. " hey " she said. " omb guess what dad said that we could live in LA  and no move again if we wanted " i said to her. " thats great" she replied. the rest of the day was slow and long but i met leila at my locker and i asked her if she wanted to come over she told me she would love to so we started to walk to my house once we got into our community she looked around and asked " omb do you live here?". "yeah i live here its amazing isnt it?" i asked. she replied with a nod of her head as she was looking sround. when we got to the gates of my house i put in the code and we walked into the front yard. leilas jaw dropped "omb this is aamazing" she said "thanks i replied. once we got inside i yelled hello to zack and we went into my room. until zack walkin wearing no shirt and sweatpants. "zack" i yelled " put some clothes on i have a friend over". " well hello to you to" he said with a sarcastic voice he said and walked away. leila looked at me and said " your brothers hot". 

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