so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


15. minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days and days felt like weeks

*kate pov


^sorry for the skip :/ 

i missed justin so much it was unbearable to think that i had spent three weeks away from justin and that i was graduating on wednesday. justin was supposed to come to it but he cant because hes a bit stuck on tour but ill see him on saturday today was sunday so that meant 6 days but to me it ment like 6 weeks i missed justin so much i just wanted him hear so bad. everything was better when he was here. i dont know how i could have lived without him for so long. i couldnt wait to see him again and hear his sexy morning voice and stuff i missed all of that so much. 


*justin pov


yes its sunday i get to see kate on wednesday. wednesday is her graduation and she thinks im not going to be there, be i tricked her into thinking that i wasnt but im going to suprise her and i cant wait its going to be great!


*kate pov 


finally my last day of highschool where we all mess up the school by pulling pranks say our goodbyes and clear out our lockers. i met leila by my locker "hey girl" she smiled " ready for the last day of high school?" i nodded and we walked down the hall together and were alarmed when we saw pigs running down the hall with t-shirts labeled 1 2 3 and 6. we wondered where the fuck the other two were but that was none of our problem. we met up with derek a close friend of leilas and he handed us a roll of toilet paper each. he winked at us and ran outside we ran out after him and started to join in an te pee the school. people were also spraying sillys string everywhere and we laughed and joined in!

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