so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


12. last day

*justin pov 

i went down stairs to make breakfast while she was changing. she followed me down after a while. we sat down and ate breakfast and decided what we were going to do. we decided we were going to go bowling so i got my stuff and waited for her to grab something. i started to think about what i was going to do for the month i was without her i mean this girl was different from the rest. she didnt care about what others thought and i began to imagine our future together and what i would do with out her. i mean i would take a bullet for her i was snapped out of my thought by her telling me to get in the car. 

when we arrived there was no paparazzi thank god but i knew there would be when we were leaving. we got inside and got our stuff ready and got in a lane. a few girls came over and asked me for a picture and an autograph. they asked us if me and kate were together and since we hadnt really told anyone yet i just said "no not yet". when they were gone we started the game i was good at bowling and i knew i was going to beat her! "ladies frist my love" i smiled to her. she grabbed a ball and threw it dead straight down the middle. " yess a strike" she said. " that was just a lucky one girl " i replied. i threw mine down and i missed one but i got it in the end. all through the game kate got stikes and in the end she won. " good game partner" she said as she shook my hand " did i mention one of my old boyfriends is ranked one of top 20 bowlers in all of the us" she winked at me " no no you did not". 


*kate pov 


justin didnt see that coming at all he expected id be awful but now he knows. as we walked outside i saw camera flashes every where justin put his arm around me and i hid my face in his chest. he put me in the car and he managed to get over the other side to get in. he leant over and kissed me and i kissed back until i realised the camera flashes were still going off. " justin i thought we werent going to tell any one?" i asked. " baby i didnt tell anyone" i gave him a look to tell him the cameras were still flashing when you kissed me. " oh yeah they cant take photos of us when were in the car because the windows are like mirrors and when you try to take a picture throught them you just get a picture of yourself... those suckers" we both laughed at that and he drove away.

once we got to his house pattie was there and we both started talking to her and justin told her about us and her reply was " i knew it would happen i mean you two are perfect for eachother" i was glad she approved. justin grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to his room i went and sat on the edge of the bed " justy can i stay over tonight?" i asked. " sure baby " he replied. i called zack to tell him that i wouldnt be coming home he said it was ok because me dads stil away and he didnt really want me there anyway because he had friends over. once i got off the phone i ran over and lay beside justin and  put my head on his chest and i could hear his heartbeat and next thing i knew i was asleep.

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