so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


22. insane

* justin pov


i woke up and kate was still asleep i reached over to my bedside table to grab my phone and looked at the time it was 3:00 in the afternoon. i decided it was time to get up. " baby" i whispered into kates ear " its time to get up". she groaned and i laughed at her "what time is it?" she asked. "its 3:00 in the afternoon babe" i replied. she immediatly sat up "are you serious!" she said and i nodded to her "fuck im gonna be late for lunch with zack and leila, shit shit shit" she said.

she desperately started looking for her clothes. " babe they're over there" i pointed to the sofa in my room. she smiled at me and got changed into her graduation dress. she did her hair and put on some makeup. 

she came over to me and kissed me goodbye " ill text you later j " she yelled. " come over late ok?" i yelled back. i ran down the stairs after her "promise?" i asked. "yeah i promise" she pecked my lips and left. i was looking forward to cuddling with her but oh well. i could wait. i texted za, twist, fredo, cody and carly and asked them to come over they all said yes so i went upstairs and put on some jeans and a blue t-shirt with a snapback. the door bell rang i went to answer it and they all walked in. 

" hey guys and carly" i said. they all said hey. "so wheres that party animal of yours?" alfredo asked. "she went to lunch with her big bro zac" i replied. i knew that they were going to comment on her behaviour except for cody and carly because they werent there. " dude she was insane last night" za said. " yeah insanly hot!" twist added. " we all thought she was so innocent just goes to show that we didnt really know her that well" fredo continued. cady and carly just sat there and listened contently.

" so what happened when you got home?" they asked. "well i accidently yelled at her and she started to cry and then i put her to sleep in one of the spare rooms, i changed her into one of my shirts and then i looked in her pocket to see what that guy jamie had slid into it, it was weed" i took the package out of my pack pocket and showed them. 

" shit this girl is way different than you seemed to have remembered!" carly said. i agreed she was different. " what are you going to do with it?" twist asked eyeing the package. " well" i sighed " im going to give it to her i mean it is hers". they all looked at me with a face that said what the fuck are you insane shes already crazy. 

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