so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


13. i miss you already

i woke up the next morning i felt justins arms around me and his warm breath on my neck. i turned to face him and i kissed his lips even though he was asleep. "mmhh" he moaned. his eyes were still closed be he leant in again to kiss me it was a soft soothing kiss. a tear ran down my face i dont know how he notice but the next thing i new justins eyes were open "baby whats wrong?" he asked. "nothing its just that your leaving today" i smiled at him to reasure him it was a fake smile though. he just kissed me but i could tell what he was trying to say. we were disturbed by a tallish man with a beard walk in and justin said "scoot bro long time no see man". me being a belieber new exactly who he was scooter was his manager and he had come to take him away from me. " hey justin" he said " and you must be kate its nice to finally meet you, justin has told me all about you!" i looked over at justin and he blushed. "well its nice to meet you too justin told me about you" i smiled and i kissed justin and i heard scooter say "justin be ready at one because thats when we leave" justin nodded and he continued to kiss me. i pulled away and looked at the time it was 11 i told justin to go and have a shower. i didnt need to so i just got dreesed and got my stuff packed away and ready to go. when justin came out he got dressed and when he was ready we both went downstairs. we intertwined our fingers and he kissed me and i heard alfredo shout " get a room" justin broke the kiss and give a look and alfredo put his hands up in the air and surrendered. we ate breakfast together and talked and kissed until it was time for him to go. his tour bus was outside he showed me around and said "baby i wish you could come with me". " i know baby i do too but i have to graduate!" i replied. we walked off the bus, it was time for justin to go he gave me a kiss goodbye and i started to cry he oulled me into a hug and whispered " im going to miss you babe" and i replied " baby i miss you already". scooter called him and he let go of me kissed me one last time waved and got on the bus " bye baby" he said. and the bus pulled away....

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