so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


21. forever and ever

* kate pov


i woke up the next morning witha terrible pounding in my head. i looked around i was in justins house but not in his room and he was not with me. i couldnt remember what had happened last night but i knew that it wasnt good, not at all. i got out of bed and i relised i was in one of justins shirts i inhaled the sweet smell of it and went to find him. he was in his room fast asleep i crawled in beside him and i went to sleep myself. i woke up to justin kissing my neck i turned around to face himi pecked his lip and he smiled at me.

" baby what happened last night?" i asked. "well" he replied i knew this couldnt be good " you got really drunk, danced to low, smoked weed, met up with an old friend of yours jamie, he gave you a package and then you kissed the girl fredo was with!". i was shocked at what i did on the first time i was out with him i did all that. i was really dissapointed in myself. justin would never want to go to the club with me again.

" justin im so sorry" i cried tears began to form in my eyes. " hey hey hey" he said " its all ok baby girl i had a good night and i dont care as long as you are safe baby" i smiled as he wiped the tears off my face and kissed my forhead. i was so thankful to have justin he was so understanding. " your a really good dancer you know that?!?!" he laughed. " i cant believe i danced to low i havent danced to that since i was like 16 or something!" i chuckled. " babe you were good i promise maybe we could do it again sometime?" i smiled at him and kissed him so hard and he kissed harder. "did that answer your question?" i asked. " yeah it sure did" he answered. 

"j i love you" i whispered to him. "i love you to babe" i kissed him again " forever and ever?" i asked. "forever and ever he replied. i put my head on his chest and he put his arms around me and next thing i knew i was asleep. 


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