so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


31. finally

*kate pov


i woke up to hear justins sweet, sweet voice saying " za pass me that water bottle i want to pour it on her to see if she wakes up" i took me a second to register it, i could fell za walking over to us and i sat up immediatly just as he was going to puor it on me " DONT YOU FUCKING DARE! i yelled at him i was so pissed off because every time he was with his friends he treated me like i was a toy.

he looked at me in shock he obviosly didnt see it coming. i stood up and walked into the bathroom it wasnt a small bathroom but it wasnt huge either. i put the toilet seat down and sat on it. there was a knock on the door.

"baby" i heard justin say "im sorry please open the door". i just ignored him and i heard him walk away after trying many times to persuade me to open the door. " well somebodys on there period2 twist shouted probably hoping i would hear. "dude not funny" justin responded to his rude remark. suddenly the door opened and i got a fright as i saw justin walk in.

"im so sorry baby, please look at me" he lifted my chin with his hand and looked deep into my eyes "please forgive me?" he continued. i pecked his lips "does that answer your question?" i asked he smiled at me and replied " hmmm i dont think so maybe we should try again?" i laughed at him and kissed him i stood up and we walked out.

they all looked at me not justin me and i looked at twist " by the way t im not on my period that was last week " i said and gave him a sarcastic smile. the rest of the journey was awkward and no one talked. finally the plane landed. " finally " za said. " yeah its about time" alfredo continued. we got of the plane to see beliebers, paparazzi and security gaurds. justin put his arm around me as we walked down the steps and i hid my face in his chest. i trusted him to guide me, it was nice to feel protected by him. 

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