so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


23. family comes first

*kate pov


lunch with leila and zack was great it was kind of disterbing to she them kissing but im happy for them because i mean once they're happy im happy! when we were done we all got in the car and we dropped leila home and then we went home ourselves. 

i was wreaked from last night and i had a really bad hangover when we got inside i crashed on the couch " you alright there bud?" zack asked. " yeah im fine im just really tired from partying last night" i replied he grined at me and walked out. a few minutes later he came back in with a cup of coffee some chocolate. " this is why i love you" i exclaimed he chuckled at me and turned on the tv and we began to watch criminal minds my favourite show ever! i heard the door open it was dad i got up to go and say hi " hey theres my princess how are you?" he asked. " im good just tired how was worked?" i replied. " long and stressful but im happy to see you and by the way wheres your brother?" he asked i just pointed to the tv room. and i went back to join him.

a couple of minutes later dad said " any of you hungry?" i told him i wasnt but zack was so dad went out to get a mcdonalds for the both of them. my phone started to ring it was justin shit i totally forgot. i picked it up "hello?" i said. " hey baby where are you?" he asked. " baby im really sorry but i cant come over i need to spend time with my family, i mean family comes first right?". he sighed i could tell he was disappointed " ok baby but im seeing you tomorrow" he exclaimed. i agreed and we both said goodbye and hung up. 

dad got back with there food and we talked and had a really good family bonding time it was really fun. it was like old times  when mum was alive. we never used to have time to do anything together but it feels good to finally get to do it again. i missed it a lot. 

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