so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


30. eww mornings

*kate pov


i woke up the next day to the worst sound in the world..... an alarm clock. it was 6:00 am and out flight leaves at 9:00. justin had woken up too because he turned the alarm off and kissed all the way up my neck and then nibbled on my ear." justy stop" i whined he chuckled to himself. " come on we have to leave soon baby" he whispered in my ear in his deep sexy morning voice. he got out of bed and pulled me up with him.

"j can i have a quick shower?" i asked he looked at me and raised one eyebrow "hmmm well only if i can join you?" he asked. i rolled my eyes at him "fine". i heard him mumble" yes " under his breath. i went into the bath room, justin followed and locked the door behind us and i turned on the shower so that when we got in it wouldnt be cold. 

he took his shirt that i had slept in last night off " i can do it myself you know!" i said. " dont play hard to get with me baby" he replied i laughed and kissed him. he took off my bra and panties and i took off his boxers because thats all he sleeps in like most guys and then we got in the shower.

it was quite a big shower so we both fit in no problem i washed my hair with the help of justin because he seemed to think i was incapable of doing it myself. when we were all done and washed we got in our towel and got changed it was still really early so i threw on a pair of boyfriend pant, a loose v-neck top, high tops and a snapback. i put on some simple make upand put my hair in a side braid. 

when we were ready to go we went into the kistchen to get breakfast, i had and apple and justin had captain crunch. then we heard footsteps walking into the kitchen it was pattie and his grandparents who had come to say goodbye. "goodmorning and goodbye"i said as i hugged them all. it was time for us to go to the airport, i thanked them for having me to stay in their beautiful home they both said that i was welcome to come back whenever. i waved at them as we got in the car and pulled away i was gonna miss that place. 

once we got to the airport it was 7:30 and we went threw security, passport control and stuff. i took us a while and by the time we got to justins plane it was 8:45 we saw alfredo, chaz, ryan, twist and za. " hey " they all said i was so tired i didnt even hear them until i heard za say " hello earth to kate?" i looked up and looked into his eyes " justin shes wreaked what did you do to her?" he continued he looked at justin and justin looked at me and then to him " shes not exactly a morning person when shes not drunk" he luaghed and i just stood there with a blank expression on my face and said " i fucking hate mornings" they all looked at me and started to piss theselves lughing. i just ignored tham and we all got on justins jet.

justin sat downon the couch and i lay down on it resting my head on his lap and fell asleep it was a good sleep. 


hey guys nobodies liking the story or making it a favourite. is it a bad story? i mean like really? im really sorry if it is. if it is just comment on it and ill stop. love yall though xox

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