so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


27. dinner

* kate pov

going back to the avon theater for justin was amazing for him. this place is his home and it always will be, he loves this place so much. as we were leaving the theater people were saying " justin, just like always" and " you havent changed a bit". he took some pictures with people and gave autographs and stuff. one of the girls asked me to join them in the photo " are you sure" i asked. she replied " why wouldnt i? i mean your going to be justins wife someday right?" she looked at me i looked at justin and he looked at me to and we both smiled. " of course she is" justin butted in he grabbed me and hugged me tight and kissed my forehead and we took the photo with the girl and walked around the town.

after that no one else asked us to take photos or anything. it began to get late so we walked back to justins grandmas house and justins dad was there i could tell because when i walked in jazzy and jaxon ran up to me and hugged me. " hey guys i missed you, how are you?" i asked them. " i missed you too!" jazzy said. " i mwissed you twwoo" jaxon said he was so cute in his baby voice.

i looked up and i saw justins dad standing there. "im sorry about them, they have been so excited to see you again, they told me you were lots of fun" he said. " oh no its fine, i missed them two!" i stood up and put my hand out to shake his " im kate by the way". he shook my hand he had a nice firm hand shake just like justin " oh dont be silly i know who you are justin has told me all about you believe me he never shuts up" he exclaimed. justin popped his head in and looked at us and said " i heard should i be worried?". we both just laughed and him and he stared at us "oh dinners ready by the way" he left and we both followed him inside and sat at the table.

i sat beside justin and he put his arm around me and kissed my cheek " aww look at you too so cute" she cried. i just looked at justin and smiled " yes yes he is" he winked at me and i kissed him. we had an amazing dinner it was roast beef with potatoes and vegetables all made by his grandma and pattie " omg this is amazing" i squealed. " yeah it is thank you " justin said. after we were finished i helped clean up and stuff. i really wanted them to like me and so far i think its going well. 

it was late so jeremy took jaxon and jazzy home and justin, pattie, me and his grand parents all sat in the living room and talked for ages and it got to the stage when i began to fall asleep and next thing i knew justin was lifting me up and placing me on the bed he lay down beside me and wrapped his arms around me and i fell asleep in the saftey of his arms. 



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