so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


17. beautiful

*justin pov


i looked deeply into her eyes. as she told me that she loved me too. i was so blessed to have someone so amazing in my life! she kissed me again and i bit her lip and sneakily slid my tongue into her mouth. our tongues were having a vicious fight for dominance mine won. she pulled away and said "next time bieber, next time" i smiled at her. she was so beautiful and she was all mine.

her dad walked over to us and she went to hug him. i stood there awkwardly because her father and i hadnt officialy met we just talked on the phone the other day and i asked him if i could take her out after her graduation and he agreed. kate notice and smiled "dad this is my boyfriend justin, justin this is my dad corey". " nice to finally meet you sir" i said to him. " its nice to meet you too! now excuse me but i have to rush off to work ill see you tomorrow kate" he replied and kissed her goodbye. " and then there were two" i winked. " so i was thinking about tonight and how i wanted to take you out to a club? ". "well i would love to but i dont really have anything to wear babe" she sighed. "well then lets go to the mall " i laughed.

we walked into the mall unfortunatly we were accompanied by my body gaurds in case we were attacked. she grabbed my hand, intertwined our fingers and dragged my into forever 21. she picked out a few dresses and went into the changing room. while she was changing some people came up to me and asked me for an autograph and i gave it to them she showed mt all of the dresses but none of them were the one. until she came out in this short tight strapless black dress it was simple yet sophisticated. " wow you look stunning" i gasped. " why thank you" she smiled i think its the one justin". i couldnt stop looking at her, at what an amazing body she had and how bad i wanted her. " yeah i think it is too".

when we got back to mine we ordered chinese and ate it. and then we both went to get changed and of course she took way longer than me so when i was ready i waited for her downstairs. i saw her coming down the stairs. " damn shawty, you look hot!" i hollered. she blushed and replied " well you dont look so bad yourself bieber". i laughed at her " its so sexy when you call me beiber". she noticed i had a bag in my hand and i gave it to her there was a box inside she took it out and said " baby this is beaurtiful! thank you" 


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