Mad World

Normal places can be scary too!!


2. White Feathers, Falling Tears

Sarah woke up hoping this was just a dream but found herself between death and the afterlife "I'm dead........oh God me mams going to kill me!" She was still in her house and went to check on her mam, she was sleeping on Sarah's old rocking chair! "She always hated that chair why would she sit......" suddenly her mam woke with a jolt both of them heard the door bell. " Please let it all have been a dream...."said Sarah's mam. Sarah starting crying and white feathers came down instead of tears. A memory shook Sarah like nothing she felt before. Her mam had said a few weeks before hand "Darling white feathers always mean there's angels about remember that when I'm gone" Sarah was so upset but when her mam opened the door.......the world she knew before was about to change forever.........!
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