Mad World

Normal places can be scary too!!


1. THUMP THUMP.......whats that?!

'Well Tommy I can safely say I'm full to the gullet with all them sweets you gave me!' said Sarah Doyle who was on her first day work experience in Tommy Macs sweet shop! 'No bother love will you close the shop up at 6.30 for me?' 'OK not a bother'. 6.30 came a Sarah closed up the shop and while closing up she  got a strange sense someone was watching her. As she walked home nervously on the streets of Grafton Street in Dublin she heard the bins rattle. 'You're losing it Sarah' said Sarah to herself. Suddenly an Old man jumped out but she knew this man wasn't human looking he looked like a demon he roared like the devil!'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!'she roared. She ran like the wind until she got home. Waiting for her was her mother Sarah was shocked to see her mother was crying 'Mammy....mmmmm......Mammy.....whattttts.......wrong?!' Sarah stuttered. Her mother didn't respond to Sarah but what Sarah saw on the news mad her collaspe' Breaking News : The body of a girl now identified as Sarah Doyle was found shot dead. Gardai have looked at CCTV and have seen a man with a gun  dressed as DEATH but the man was never found more on this story as it develops 

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