To Love Monster

Once Upon time there was a boy.
He was a happy boy.
He played with his friends in the corn fields, and the woods, and sometimes in the arcade.
But unlike most,
He has a dark secret.
A secret that my even kill him..... the He saw Her.


2. To Love A Monster

Chelsea had fell asleep in the car from all her worrying.

Charlie was still driving.

They now were in North Dakota. Charlie pulls up to an inn and looks over at Chelsea. He smiles knowing that she is all his. But worries at the same time that something bad will happen to her.

He walks into the inn and asks the lady for a room for two.

After he gets the key he walks back out to the car and gets the bag.

He picks up Chelsea as softly as possible not wanting to wake her, carrying her bride style up to their room, he unlocks the door and enters the room.

He sets her down on the bed. It has light blue sheets and white fluffy pillows.

Setting his bag down near the bed he walks over to the couch and sits down taking out his phone.

He dials a number and it starts to ring.

"Hello?" A man's voice answers.

"Mark.. It's Charlie... I need a favor." Charlie starts.

"And what might this favor be?" Mark asks in a fishy tone.

"I need help, The hunters... Their back."


The following morning Chelsea wakes up with arms wrapped around her waist and pulling her close to someone's body.

She looks over her shoulder to see Charlie.

Last night's events come rushing back to her.

She fells like pushing him off of her and running away from him, but at the same time, she feels complete with him here.

She decides against it and slowly gets out. But before she can set one foot on the ground she hears a voice.

"Don't go." It pleads.

She looks back to see Charlie. He looks sad and stressed out.

Looking into his eyes she lays back down and he pulls her close to him.

"You have no idea what you mean to me." He starts.

"No idea how much I love you, or care about you. I would do anything for you." He says and she looks up to him as she is facing his chest and smaller then him.

"Why... Why do you love me... Why do you care about me... why would-" He cuts her off by placing his lips on hers.

His lips feel like kissing a pair of clouds.

Their lips move in sync and then he pulls away to look in her eyes.

He opens his mouth as if to say something but then suddenly shuts it and in a flash is gone.

Chelsea looks around the room until she finds a dark corner.

"Charlie...?' She says in a scared but worried voice.

"Leave.. leave now and get home... you could never love a monster..." he says in a sad voice.

"What are you talking about?" she says getting up out of the bed and walking over to him.

"Im a monster... a scary.. scary... monster... one you could never love..." he says. and then feels a hand on his. he opens his eye.

She pulls him out of the corner and he looks extremely different.

His once pale skin is almost white.

His eyes are electric blue instead of green.

And he has wings.... Black feathered wings..

"I told yo-" He starts but is quickly interrupted by Chelsea's lips on his.

he has a great feel of joy and kisses her back knowing that she accepts him.

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