To Love Monster

Once Upon time there was a boy.
He was a happy boy.
He played with his friends in the corn fields, and the woods, and sometimes in the arcade.
But unlike most,
He has a dark secret.
A secret that my even kill him..... the He saw Her.


1. To Love A Monster

               I'm sure you have all seen Twilight or have read the books. You may think that this is your typical vampire love story. Well, Your wrong. This is everything but your normal love story.

And it starts out with a boy. The boys' name is Charles. But everyone calls him Charlie.

Charlie was 7 when he found out his 'dirty secret' as he called it.

He never told anyone, and when his friends ask why he isn't at school, he lies and tells them he was sick or that he was at his grandma's house.

But he hasn't seen them in in quite some time.

He now is 17.

He lives in a small town called "Frannkie".

Everyone is nice and polite. And everyone gets along.

He goes to "Frannkie High" and is in the honors class.

Every day it's the same thing.

He gets up, gets ready, and goes down to the local café for breakfast.

From there he goes to school and then home again.

Nothing interesting happens here.

He doesn't like any of the girls.

And then one day he walks into the café.

He smells something so intriguing that he isn't sure if its real or not.

He follows the sent to see a young girl.

She looks to be about 15.

with long brown hair and brown eyes she turns around to see him staring at her.

Shaking it off she exits the room and walks out the door.

He follows her.

She begins to run and run and run.

He follows her.

She runs out near the lake and onto the dock where she hides behind some barrels.

He follows her.

"What is your name?" He asks knowing where she is.

She doesn't respond.

"You shouldn't be afraid of me." He continues getting no response to that either.

"I Don't want to hurt you, only love you." He states and she peeps her head above the barrels just enough to see him.

He has black hair and the greenest of green eyes.

He is tall and pale. His lips are plump and pink.

"Chelsea" She says.

"Your mine." He says and walks over to her.

She backs up but then stops not wanting to get in the water.

He looks her in the eyes and she looks back. He hears something rustling in the forest.

"We have to go." He says and takes her bridle style and runs faster then normal to his house.

"Who are you and where am I and why and how-" She starts

"I will explain later but right now we have to get out of here." he says grabbing a bag and Chelsea's hand.

"Wait! What about my parents?!" She asks and he pulls her into the front seat of his car.

"You will be fine, we just have to leave. NOW!" He says and they are off.

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