Je t'aime

They say love is blind, but sometimes we are just blind to fact that its there.


3. Puppy-dog faces and blind dates

     "You're sure about this, right?" Avery sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

"Jesus, Kate, I'm beginning to think that you don't want me to come!" Her words might have come off a bit irritated, but there was a slight laugh in her voice so I wasn't worried. "You know that's not it, I just don't want you to come for my sake." I stuck out my lower lip, trying to look cute but I seemingly failed since Avery just chuckled when she looked at me.

"I am going for your sake. But out of my own free will, because you asked me to, and I like spending time with you." Avery smiled at me, and I could feel a blush spreading on my cheeks and a smile of my own.

"Have I ever mentioned how much I love you, and that you are an amazing friend?"

"It happens, but not hardly enough." I snorted at her words and playfully shoved her. Avery grinned at me, a daring look in her eyes. I was just about to come with a witty (in my own opinion) retort, when the bus came to a halt and I stumbled into Avery, who had luckily grabbed on to a pole.

"This is our stop." She said and removed her free arm which she had placed around me to steady me. "Shit, your right. Come on!" I grabbed Avery's hand and dragged her off the bus with me.

    "Man that was close, good thing you noticed." I breathed, leaning on Avery who chuckled in response. "Yeah, imagine if I was as half-witted as you, we wouldn't even have noticed that we had missed our stop." I gasped in mock-horror, though I actually did feel slightly offended, hence the slight flush of my cheeks.

"T-that's not true." I said crossing my arms over my chest, beginning to stalk down the street, though I wasn't sure if I was going the right way.

      I could hear Avery stifle a laugh, and then footsteps, before she came to halt beside me. "Aww, come on Kate. You know I love you, and that I know that you aren't half-witted." I still wasn't looking at her, fighting hard not to smile. "Forgive me?" she pleaded, sticking her lip out slightly, her eyes looking big. I didn't stand a chance, even if I really had been mad at her.

Avery was one of those people who could actually pull of the sad-puppy-dog-look, and could resist. The cutest part, though, was that when she really did feel sad or dejected, she unconsciously made an even more irresistible face.

    I sighed loudly, as if I was actually annoyed with her, but was forgiving her. "Fine, I forgive you." Avery broke into a smile and hugged me with one arm, pecking me on the cheek.

"Good. And we're going the other way."



         We stepped into the café, the warmth hitting me like a wall. It was a nice little place, not too crowded, but not empty either. The air was cozy, and it smelled like fresh coffee, chocolate, sugar and spices.

"There they are." Avery pointed at a table in the corner where, true enough, Anne, her friend Tara, two other girls whom I had met before but whose names I could not remember, and five guys.

Most of the guys looked kind of uncomfortable apart from the guy that Anne and Tara where talking to, and Tara's two friends where just whispering and giggling to one-another, tell-tale blushes on their cheeks.

      We began walking towards them when Anne looked up and smiling waved us over. They were all looking at us when we arrived at the table, and I could feel how uncomfortable Avery was by the way she was leaning slightly into me.

"Kate, Avery! You made it!" Anne had gotten up to give us a hug, Tara following.

After we were seated Tara and Anne introduced us. "So guys, this is Avery and Kate. Avery and Kate, this is Michael," She motioned towards a guy with blond-ish hair and glasses who smiled in return. "Next to him we have Sean," A guy with a quiff grinned at us and said a 'hey' which we both returned. "Then there's Charlie," Charlie who had curly black hair waved with a smile. "Kevin," The boy with very red hair and freckles smiled, "And then Marcus." The boy who Anne and Tara had been talking to reached over and shook our hands.

        "I have to apologise since my friend Jeremy is running late. I hope you don't mind to much." Marcus said. I smiled at him and shook my head. "No problem, we were late ourselves."

"And why is that?" Anne asked with a smirk. I chuckled slightly grinning over at Avery, but she was looking down at her lap. My smile faded in confusion, but I brought it back, looking at the others. "Well, first off we were just about to miss our stop, then Ava here called me a half-wit since I hadn't noticed. I the obviously had to be mad at her for a bit before she flashed me 'the face' and I had to forgive her. Then we - cough - I - cough - got a bit lost. It was all quite exiting."

       I was grinning at the end, and so were most of the others, the guy, Michael looking slightly confused. "What's 'the face'?" The other boys nodded, as if confirming that they too would like to know. I glanced at Avery, and my grin only grew wider when I saw the prominent blush on her pale cheeks.

"Well, you see, Avery here can make the most adorable and irresistible faces, consciously and unconsciously. I mean its unreal-"

"Sorry I'm late. The traffic was a mess." We all looked up at the person who had interrupted me. It was a boy with spiky hair and flushed cheeks, probably from the change of temperature.

   "Man, Jeremy, what kind of excuse is that? Besides its not even that busy today." It was Marcus who said this, and the other guys smirked at the guy - Jeremy. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever, I'm here am I not?"

      Beside me, Tara chuckled. "Hello ladies, pardon my lateness." Jeremy said as he slid onto a chair. The other girls their hello's but neither Avery nor me said anything. Tara seemed to register this as she quickly said, "Oh yeah, Jeremy this is Kate and Avery, girls this is Jeremy." Jeremy grinned at me, "Hey there, Kate."

"Hi Jeremy. This is Avery." I replied, guiding the conversation over to Avery. She smiled at him and stretched out her hand, "How are you?" He shook it, grinning. "Good thanks, how are you?" She replied with the normal pleasantries, and Jeremy looked like he was just about to ask her something when Anne interrupted, "So everyone, are we ready to order?"

People mumbled yes's and about what they were going for, and I directed my attention towards the menu.

    When the waitress came, I ordered a cup of hot-chocolate and a piece of cheesecake, Avery went for café-mocha and some kind of rich-chocolate brownie. Jeremy was getting some toffee-caramel-pie, and Michael was getting a berry-pie, which was apparently this place's speciality.


         The 'date' was good fun. All of the guys seemed descent, and Avery and I were lucky enough to sit by Jeremy and Michael who were both really nice. All of the guys were a year older than us and doing their last year of secondary-school.

Michael was really smart and had gotten into a couple of different American universities, but he still wasn't sure if he would rather stay in England. But even as intelligent as he was, he also seemed pretty awkward, and he and Avery seemed to hit off well, both feeling a bit out of place. The two of them were actually pretty similar, and after not too long, they were both laughing and smiling.

    Jeremy was really nice as well, but where Michael was awkward and shy, Jeremy was relaxed and confident. He had this 'cool' air around him, and he was really funny, though a bit arrogant.

The four of us had our own little conversation, and we were constantly laughing at the jokes that Jeremy and Michael pulled. I was happy to see that Avery had relaxed and was finally enjoying herself, even though she normally would have hidden in a corner.



       I was actually a bit sad when it was time to go. It was getting dark outside, so after we had all paid our bit of the bill, we made our way out. We were all saying goodbye, everyone hugging everyone. I was just saying goodbye to Charlie, who really nice and funny yet smart at the same time, when I felt someone poke my shoulder. I turned around, and grinned when I saw that it was Jeremy.

"Hey there," I said and he grinned back. "Hey." We looked at each other for a moment, and I couldn't help thinking how I didn't really want this to be the last and only time I ever saw him.

"Hey, so I was wondering if I could get yours and Ava's numbers so we could, you know, meet up some other time?" If it had been anyone else, they would probably have felt a bit insecure about asking such a thing, but Jeremy said it without an ounce of weariness or shyness in his voice. I smirked at him.

    "Alright, give us yer' phone then." I held out my hand, and he quickly fished out his phone and dropped it my hand after unlocking it. I quickly typed in my number and sent myself a text with his number.

"Did you also want Ava's number?" I glanced up at him, and he grinned and nodded.

"Please, besides, I have a feeling she would run away if I asked her for her number." I laughed and typed in Ava's number, sending her a text as well.

"Yeah she probably would. what about Michael by the way? Wouldn't he want Ava's number as well?" I said handing him back his phone. He took it chuckling.

"I don't think you will have to worry about that." He pointed behind me, and I turned to see Ava and Michael exchanging phone numbers. I smiled at the sight, but I couldn't help but feel that it was wrong seeing My Ava laughing and planning to meet again with someone else than me. Letting go of that thought, I turned to Jeremy again, smiling.

"So I guess I'll see you around?"



Note: Ava is a kind of nickname for Avery.



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