Je t'aime

They say love is blind, but sometimes we are just blind to fact that its there.


2. Football practice and bus-rides


       The high-pitched sound of the whistle cut through my ears, and I looked up as the coach called us over. "Alright girls, good drill! Huddle!" All the girls around me began trudging through the muddy grass over towards our energetic trainer. Our trainer was really into American football, and was rumoured to have trained it when he lived in the states.

We all filled in and created a small almost-circle around our trainer. My trainer, Mr Johnson, was a small almost-middle-aged man with a slightly protruding belly and greying hair. He was nice enough, but sometimes he seemed to forget that he was training girls, and not in American football, but just ordinary football, which he insisted on calling Soccer.

    "Really good job today, great energy and coordination. Some of the passes were a bit off, but you all did a good job making up for it. Now, defence, if you just take a look you can see how it will work better if you spread your legs a bit more and bend them, so-" I looked up and caught Avery's eye and rolled my eyes at our trainer as he began rambling. Avery smiled her teeth showing a bit, looking startling white in her dirt-covered face. Her cheeks were tinted red and her skin was glistened with a thin layer of sweat, dark strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail, curled wildly around her face and neck, giving her a sort of halo. Her big eyes were clear and shone with energy after the exercise. I couldn't help smiling back.

I always thought Avery was gifted, and that you just couldn't help smiling when she smiled at you. At least I couldn't.

   Avery's eyes flickered back down at our coach, and with a little inclination of her head she urged me to turn my attention back to the little man.



        "My legs are destroyed." Lisa groaned loudly as she dropped herself onto the bench in the locker room. "Yeah tell me about it. Those rounds in the beginning really didn't sit well with my calves." I told her. She grunted in affirmation and slowly began removing her muddy boots.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned around to face them. It was Anne who was smiling at me. "Hey Kate, you know my friend Tara? Well she arranged this big blind-date-thing, where a group of girls meet up with a group of guys, that they don't necessarily know, and just like hang out."  I nodded as if telling her to continue.

"Well anyways, Tara's guy friend found six guys, but Tara has only found four girls, myself and her included, so I was wondering if you and a friend of yours would wanna come?" She looked at me expectantly, practically begging me with her eyes.

I thought it over for a moment. I didn't think I would actually end up getting with any of the guys, but you never know, and honestly, how bad could it be? Finding a friend probably wouldn't be too hard either. Many didn't have boyfriends anyway.

   I turned my attention back to Anne. "Okay, I'm in."



              I met Avery at the exit twenty minutes later, both of us calling goodbyes over our shoulders, our teammates screaming back at us. Giggling slightly we made our way down to the bus stop. Avery and I both took the same bus to school, but we didn't live close to each other. Avery got off several stops before me, four to be precise.

It was late September, and it was getting chilly out, and the evenings were getting darker. I was already wearing a medium-big jacket, and had a scarf wrapped around my throat, but Avery, who always seemed to be warmer than everyone else, wasn't really affected by the cold yet, so she was just wearing the her big dark-blue Trinity-college hoodie.

    "Man, Johnson was really into it today. He just went on and on." Avery sighed, shaking her head and I chuckled in agreement. "Yeah." We fell into a comfortable silence, Avery staring at the sky, were the sun was slowly setting, casting an orange glow on everything.

I was debating who to invite to the group date, when the bus pulled up in front off us. Avery let me enter before me, and I led us to the back picking a window seat, Avery following close behind me.


       We rode in silence most of the way, none of us having the need to say anything, since we both felt comfortable enough with just being together in silence. I was coming to conclusion that Avery was probably the person I would prefer to bring, I just wasn't really sure if she would come, and I suspected she would accept even though she would feel out of place and awkward the entire date. Avery was rummaging through her bag, producing two apples and some biscuits, offering me half.

      We were munching on our snacks when I finally worked up my nerve.

"Hey Ava," She looked up at me and affirmed with a small 'yeah'. "Anne came up to me today, asking if I wanted to come to this group date her friend Tara has arranged, and if I could bring a friend so we were an even number of boys and girls." Avery raised an eyebrow, but not interrupting, urging me to continue. "Anyways, I said I would go, and I was wondering if you would too?" I bit my lip in anticipation when I finished, hoping that she would say yes.

   Avery looked at me for a bit, clearly running the idea through her head. I was getting nervous, so I filled my mouth with apple, having to move in some sort of way to keep my brain on track.

Avery sighed and took a bite of her apple. "Alright, when is it?"

    I almost choked on my apple. I really wasn't sure if she would say yes or not. Avery looked at me slightly worried, but I held up my hand, signalling that I was alright.

    I swallowed the apple-goo in my mouth. "Are you sure? Its okay if you don't want to." Avery rolled her eyes and smiled at me. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I should be able to handle a bit of socializing." She joked. I stared wide-eyed at her for a while, before a grin spread across my face. "Jesus, thank you Ava! I'm so happy you'll be there." I slung my arms around her neck, giving her a tight hug.

Chuckling Avery pried my hands off, "Okay, okay, I love you too. But I have to get off now." I blinked and then grinned sheepishly at her. "Oh right, I almost forgot we are on the bus. See you tomorrow!"  I hadn't even noticed her pressing stop.

   "Yeah see you, Kate." Avery pecked my cheek and jumped down to the door, just as the bus came to a stop. I waved at her through the window before the bus drove off, blushing for some reason.



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