Je t'aime

They say love is blind, but sometimes we are just blind to fact that its there.


1. Chocolate and vampires

        "So anyways, I saw these adorable boots in the shops the other day, but my mom just kept calling me to remind me to go get Lizzy, I mean, couldn't she just give me like two minutes to finish up? The little pest wasn't even ready when I got there!" I chuckled at Mary's outraged expression. "Oh come on, she's not that bad." Mary gasped and gave me the you-traitor look.

"Of course she is! Just the other day, she-" Mary was cut short by the sound of her blaring ringtone. Desperate not to miss the call, she dug her phone smiling when she saw the name ion the display. She brought her phone to her ear, her previous conversation with me completely forgotten. Sighing, I shook my head. It was always like this with Mary, she easily got distracted, so it was hard to hold a conversation with her unless she really wanted to bitch about something, or wanted to talk about some kind of extra interesting gossip.

I was looking around slightly lost when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. "Hey." Said Avery with a smile on her face. "Hey there, are you just out?" Avery nodded, grinning. "Yeah, last period was brutal though. Art history is boring no matter what, but having Mrs Roberts as a teacher triples the effect. The woman could barely see the words she was reading out, and she just kept reading the same sentences over and over. She read one sentence seven times. I counted."

    I chuckled at Avery's words, and if I took the same class I would probably agree. Luckily enough I'm not nearly as good at art as Avery, who I'm sure could become an artist one day if she wanted to.

     "So I was wondering if I could maybe stay at your place tonight? My Dad's having some one important over for dinner, and I've kind of been kicked out for the evening..." Avery said with a sheepish look on her face. "Sure thing, I'm sure my folks wont mind." Avery grinned at me and threw her arm around my shoulder. "Thanks, you're the best, Kate!"


           Avery and I were sitting on my bed, watching a movie on the TV I had in my room. We had a big bowl of popcorn in between us, but as always I noticed Avery's hand going for the little bowl of chocolate, totally ignoring the popcorn. I had a glass of coke beside me, but Avery didn't really like fizzy drinks, and had always preferred tea or coffee. She was staring intently at the TV screen, carefully sipping her steaming tea. We were watching a chick-lit about vampires that I had been wanting to watch for a while, but this kind of movie wasn't exactly Avery's style, and I could tell she was concentrating hard on figuring out what the point was, even though there clearly was none. I smiled at her even though she didn't know I was looking at her, and focused on the film again.

         I had discarded my popcorn bowl and Avery had finished her tea when we were about two-thirds through the film. Avery was nibbling at a piece of chocolate and I was sipping my coke when the main character and her vampire boyfriend and his family met some other vampire's that were obviously were the bad guys. I could hear Avery stifling a yawn, and then I felt the weight of her head, which she had placed my shoulder. I looked down at her and noted her tired expression.

"We can stop the movie and go to bed I you like." She shook her head, letting it stay on my shoulder. "No that's fine, lets just finish this, who knows, maybe this Jacob guy might just suck her blood or something." I blinked at her and then busted out laughing. "He's called Edward, not Jacob! Jacob is the Native American guy!" Avery looked at me slightly surprised. "Really? Sorry I haven't really paid attention after that 'Edward guy' told Stella that he was a vampire.."

   I couldn't help but laugh again. Some people might have gotten slightly annoyed that she didn't pay any attention, but I knew that Avery didn't do it to be mean, in fact she had been paying more attention than most other people with zero interest would have. Besides, I couldn't help but think that she was extremely sweet just for watching it even though she obviously rather wouldn't.

    Avery was just looking at me confusedly as I laughed, not bothering to explain to her that she had even gotten the main characters name wrong. When I finally calmed down I just smiled at her and put my hand on her head which was still resting on my shoulder. She still looked pretty confused, but slowly she smiled at me, and snuggled closer to me, her hands snaking around my waist.

I was still smiling, and I couldn't help but think that I couldn't care less that I had just missed the most important part of the movie, the feeling of having Avery snuggled up to me, slowly falling asleep seemed to outweigh everything else, and I though to myself that I wouldn't mind staying like this for the rest of time.

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