Hi I'm Emme Grew my addiction: Tumblr (social sites to be exact) ,Ed Sheeran,Floral Crowns


1. Intro

Hi I'm Emme Grew I'm 18 yrs old. I also have a sister named Daisy (my mom was a bit corny) she's 13 yrs old and we get along pretty well. Then there's my crazy mofo's (bestfriends) Amanda Steele (yes MakeupbyMandy24) and Meredith Foster (stilababe09) they both have youtube accounts but I like to stay low haha. Anyways  I'm pretty awkward  and I honestly don't like you haha I'm  joking. Anyways so my interests are Lana Del Ray and Ed Sheeran oh I don't know how i could forget it!! Tumblr :) Tumblr is basically my life. Oh let me show you how I look 

Pretty aren't I , yeah I know I am. I also work at Forever 21 as a cashier clerk. Forever 21 is the bomb its my favorite store in the whole world. I'm happy I work there since I get an employee discount. Anyways enough about my life let's get on with the story. (5 likes for me to start and actual chapter. maybe.. )

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