Hi I'm Emme Grew my addiction: Tumblr (social sites to be exact) ,Ed Sheeran,Floral Crowns


3. Eww..Detention..

Today is the day where I'm going to beat up Crissy Manders. Just kidding with these flabby arms uh no.. Detention on the second day of school at least it wasn't the first day right? I get up and go to my shower as I wash my body with my new soap from Bath and Body Works. Their products are amazing. I get out of the shower put my makeup on and curl my hair then I  change into this   http://www.polyvore.com/floral/set?id=90745575. "Cute outfit" my sister said as we both got out of our rooms ready for our usual short breakfast. "Not so bad yourself" I say as I  see she has her usual white converse sneakers some light blue skinny jeans and a shirt that said meow and as she accessories with a floral crown  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95822254 . We both share the  same fashion sense. My sister and I both finish our breakfast and head to our penny boards in the closet.Sometimes we take the bus some times we take our penny boards. My sister has a pastel lilac and I have a pastel mint. As we head down the street where Mere and Mandy live I see Mandy also riding her penny board which is ordinary purple no pastel and Meredith riding her pink bike. What a dope. "Meredith didn't you remember its penny board day" Daisy saids. "Well sorry for not being able to ride a skate board" She responds. We all giggle and Daisy heads down a different street leading to her school. So its just the three musketeers. As we head towards our school Meredith goes and locks her bike at the bike stand. (lol bike stand :P) "Oh look it's the lame girls with their ugly skateboards what are you boys?" Crissy said. "And what are you a 5 year old?" Meredith responded. "No but I know who is" Crissy replied as she rolled her eyes while dragging her other 2 "bestfriends" Liv and Holly. I don't understand why they follow her they got bullied last year by her what made them change so quickly? Anyways luckily since our first day of school started on Thursday today is now Friday and HOT Dylan Fray hosts a pool party basically every Friday. But I have less time to get ready for that party because I have detention today thanks to Crissy. Today we have PE . PE hates me. I hate PE. Simple as that,luckily were playing dodgeball.YAY! Loads of balls hitting me. WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY! (note the sarcasm) . After those balls of madness. I went into the locker room and changed I was the last one out of there and I was greeted by my friends at the door. "How bad was it?" Kenzie (Meredith's friend) asked. "It was dodgeball day" I replied. They all said ouch and we continued down the halls.







Yum a cupcake would be good I thought as I picked up a red velvet cupcake with chicken fingers and french fries.Hey! I'm a junkie what are you gonna do about it.Sue me? "Nice way to stay healthy Emme" Liv said (yeah this time it wasn't Crissy) "You too skeleton" I said while they scoffed and walked away. I like lunch, lunch is fun.







"Come in Emme please sit in that empty seat in the back" Mr.Carter said . I as I was walking down the aisle some boys were even whistling and staring at me. "Take a picture it will last longer" I said as I sat down in my seat. "Ok class I have some paperwork to do please stay in your---oh who am I kidding your not gonna stay in your seat." Mr.Carter said as he left the room. As soon as he left I went straight to my iPhone and went to Tumblr. 51 activity how popular am I. Soon I start cracking up at my own joke until I realize the whole class is staring at me. Most of them are boys so some are staring for a different reason (you know what I mean eh eh) "What's so funny?" This guy asked me. Eww..Socializing  "Oh just thinking" I respond as I try to hold back some giggles I don't understand how this is so funny to me.... "Ok....Well my name is Tyler.. Tyler Oakley" He said. "Woah cool I've watched your videos how come I don't see you around here?" I asked him "I don't really like to put myself out there" He said while I just nodded my head "Anyways wanna ditch with me Mr.Carter barely checks back on us I ditch all the time" He said. "Uhh sure" I said while smiling "Well then let's go chicka" He responded....Awkward..





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