Hi I'm Emme Grew my addiction: Tumblr (social sites to be exact) ,Ed Sheeran,Floral Crowns


2. Eww.. School..

 "Mandy!!" I yelled as I ran up to hug my crazy mofo. "Hey OMG there is like so many hot seniors" I say. Amanda just rolls her eyes. Then we see Mere walking through the door. "Hey guys!! It's been so long" She saids. We all have some minutes to chat and then Mandy and I go and head into Chemistry and sit in the back, while Meredith heads into English with one of her friends. Kenzie (Mackenzie) Chemistry was so boring so I just sat in my seat with my iPhone taking selfies and posting them to Tumblr. "Emme! would you like to tell me the answer to this problem" the teacher called making me jump a little bit. "Umm no sorry Mr.Carter I wasn't paying attention" I confessed. "Exactly please come up here and give me your phone" He demanded. "Fine" I said. As I walked up I actually fell flat on my face thanks to stupid Crissy Manders. She's what you call "Popular" I mean every high school has to have one right? " Hey watch where your going this is Gucci !" Crissy screamed. "Gucci my arse Crissy" I replied. "Crissy Manders and Emme Grew you both have detention!" Mr.Carter yelled. "But I have work today Mr.Carter" I said. Mr.Carter sighed and said "Ok you have detention tomorrow". "Great.." I said while rolling my eyes. Then the bell rang meaning it's the next period. "Come on let's go" Mandy said and grabbed my arm pulling me out of that class. "Crissy is so annoying" Mandy saids "What happened" Mere saids walking up to us. "Crissy tripped Emme and now she has detention tomorrow" Amanda saids. "OMG she's such a pain in the arse." Mere saids "No doubt" I add




. ------------------------------------------School Ends-------------------------------







"You guy's wanna accompany me at work" I ask. Mandy and Mere just nod their head and say yeah. As we enter I basically get tackled by my manager, Hailey. "What the heck!" I screech. "Thank goodness your here we need someone to work at the cash register" Hailey said "Ok you guys wanna follow me?" I ask. "Nah we might just go and buy some clothes." Mandy speaks for both her and Mere. They both go check out the clearance rack. 30 minutes past by and about 20 people are in here. Then I see a familiar red head... ugh its Crissy... "Excuse me can you checkout these items for me please...oh its you..." Crissy saids as she hands me some skirts and tops. "That will be $37.49 please" I say. She hands me $40 and saids "Keep the change its the least I can do" As I just roll my eyes. It's now 6:33 Mandy and Mere already left and my job is over in 7 minutes thankfully. I made $289 and gave it to Hailey, she gives me back $108. "Thanks" I say as I head out to my Toyota Camry. I get home in about 20 minutes and lock the door behind me then my 13 yr old sister comes down the steps and tells me about her day. Honestly her day seems better than mine. After that I go up to my room and check out Tumblr and I saw this post that was so funny I had to repost it (obviously what else do you do) I decided to go to bed so I can get ready for...School (more like prison) 




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