Love story (on hold, writes when I feel like it)

A girl name Nicole is telling her love story. It's about her summer flirt that went to a little bit more than just a summer flirt.


2. The boy

After we been on Trinidad in two weeks we finally went to Tobago.
We came to the hotel and then afterwords we went to the beach, that was the second time I went to the beach. I only went to the beach ones on Trinidad so I was so exited. Me and my family love to snorkel and swim, so it was paradise. 
I just got my diving license so we were going diving, everyone except my little sister, she have to be 15 to get it, and I turned 15 half a year ago. I think it was about two days later, we went to the diving shop. And we got some days were we were going diving. The dive master and the boat man was not there so we didn't get to say hi to them. 
We went to the beach that day and came back later on, there i saw a boy, he was properly about 20-25 years old. I just said hello and when up to my room with my mom, dad and little sister. 
The next day we had to get op 7 o'clock and then be at the dive shop at 8:30 to get ready. The dive shop is about a 2 minutes walk from our room, so could have slept longer but my mom and dad wanted to be ready and awake so we had to be up at 7 am. When we went to the dive shop I had butterflies In my stomach, and I hurts so much, but I just ignored it. Then I saw that boy again and the he said that he was the dive master, I don't know why, but I kind of got attracted to him. 
But I kind of ignored it because I just came over my crush and I just didn't want fall for a guy that lived 4900 miles away. Plus when I was 13 years old I had a boyfriend and he broke my heart, so I was not ready for a new one, even though I had a crush on someone. We went to the boat and I was so exited, but I had some problem, because I could not take my diving suit on because It will get to hot. 
When we were on Trinidad, we were going to the beach, but on the way we had to stop by a old friend of my mothers and after word we were going to the beach but I was about to get a blackout, so I went home with my aunt and my family went to the beach. Because of that I had to be careful not to get to hot or els I would faint. So I though I would be the last one finish but luckily I wasn't the last one. 

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