Love story (on hold, writes when I feel like it)

A girl name Nicole is telling her love story. It's about her summer flirt that went to a little bit more than just a summer flirt.


5. Laughing

A/N Hey sorry guys I haven't updated, I just really miss Gabin, it's hard to be away from each other, but it's more than half a year ago, so we are doing pretty well.

After that we went diving again, oh well I didn't, because my headache was really bad. I stay on the boat with my little sister, a dive takes an hour, so me and my little sister took a nape, when I felt the boat stop or more like the motor didn't make to much noise I woke up and realized that it was time for the divers to get up. I looked at myself and realized that I had been sleeping in the sun and I was brown. I just laid there, waiting for the divers to get up. I was a little exited to see Gabin again, he was so sweet and so cute, I know it's weird I use the word cute, but he was. We got every diver up and I felt seasick, like really seasick, I hold it in and went I got in solid ground I just felt like my energy came back and I was not seasick anymore. When we got back to the dive shop we just relaxed and got our paperwork done. Then we said our farewells and we went back to our room. The next few days we meet them when we went to the beach and such, I really wanted to get to know him better. But I was to afraid. The days went bye and we got to know each other better. Then one day, after I went to the beach with my family, I went to take a shower and then I went down to the dive shop. I sat beside Gabin and he leaned ind. "you smell good" he said and I blushed, lucky me you can't see me blush when I'm tanned. Just before I went down I sprayed some of my the body shop strawberry mist. I just enjoyed the day with Gabin talking  and trying to cool down, because the wetter was so hot. 
We and my family was actually going to this wedding thing, so my mom, little sister and I were going to get manicure, pedicure and facial, while my dad went diving. We spend the whole morning doing pedicure, and then it was lunch time. My mom and I went to buy lunch, and when we were on our way, my dad came back from his trip, so we asked him, Gabin and the others if they wanted some lunch to. Gabin said he would want some and said what he wanted, but the other people already had lunch. My mom and I went to buy lunch for, my dad, Gabin, my little sister, my mom, the lady doing our pedicure and stuff and me. When we got the food I went to give it to Gabin, but I couldn't find him. I asked Suzi were he was and she said he was properly in the toilet. So I waited for him to get out, and when I heard the lock go of I turned around to see Gabin in his underwear. When he looked up and saw me his eyes widen and he put his towel up so I couldn't see his underwear. I was holding the food towards him and he was like walked sideway and them down a step and then one of the hotel ladies who was sitting outside saw him and began laughing, and so did I.    

A/N hey guys, so I will try and update soon, when we get to one of the good parts :) I might have forgotten some things, so you wouldn't get everything that happened, because I can't remember it. 

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