Love story (on hold, writes when I feel like it)

A girl name Nicole is telling her love story. It's about her summer flirt that went to a little bit more than just a summer flirt.


3. I got more attracted to him!?!?

The last one was actually the dive master. He had to wait for everyone to finish and help us if we needed help, so he actually kind of forgot to get ready. Just before we jumped in he told us what we were going to do and if we got lost we should look for him in about 1 min and if we could not find him we should swim up to the surface.

When we finally got in the water and we got the sign and went down. Me, my mom and dad was the first ones to be down, surprisingly. In Denmark I always had problems getting down. But I didn't on Tobago. We finally got down, and I was so exited. I think this was the dive we kind of smiled to each other under water, i don't remember. But I had a good time.

I think it was after 50 min my head began to hurt, I hurts like I was about to faint. I fainted ones before and it felt like my skull was about to burst in two. It hurt so much. But under water it didn't hurt that much so I just though it was nothing. When we got on the boat after the first dive, my head hurt like hell.(sorry about the language).

I though I was going to faint but we went into a place were we were going to stay in about a hour. When I got some water to drink I finally got the headache to cool down a little. I couldn't stop looking at the dive master. I found out he's name was Gabin. I really like that name, even though it was the first time hearing it. I wasn't going to jump in the water at first, but then he jumped in and so did my mom and little sister. So I jumped in. It felt great. Gabin had swum in to the beach and I didn't want to go there so I looked at the fish that was swimming around. My little sister was teasing me a little.

Then I saw Gabin coming back, I tried to ignore him. Then he went up on the boat and took he's mask and fins and jumped in the water again. Did I forget to tell you that there was 5 other people there? I did. It was a German family of 4 people and one man from France. Well no more talk about them. He began to tease Monique a little bit but that was not a good idea. Because my little sister is a fish in the water she swims faster than me and I went to swimming 5-6 years and I still swim and I got a medal for my crawl and I got first in my butterfly swimming. So I'm fast but she is faster. Gabin could not get away from her. I kept an eye on them and then my mom went up I needed to keep an eye on my little sister. I love to dive down and then up again, and I kept on doing it. Then we went up on the boat again. I laid down and enjoyed the sun. Then he asked my which grade I was in. I answered I was in the 9 grade, the grade just before college. He looked a surprised, then He asked, so you are 15-16? I'm 15 I answered. He looked more surprised. I though you were 18-19 years old, he said. Nope I am 15 years old, I giggled a little to my self, I didn't want him to hear it, but he did see me smile.

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